FFVTTR we can all play online. I found a solution

#1TevronPosted 3/1/2009 1:48:19 AM
Been playing this game for ages and many players have problems playing online

I found a solution to this problem

I found out it by using a program called hamachi

you can be able to play online on lan mode

i have made a Network for us all to play

all you gotta do is

1. download this:


2. a rectangle box will come up when you have finished installing it

3. press the power button on the box

4. press the middle button and join existing group

5. type in the boxes:

Network name: ffvttr

Password: freedom force

To play online with your friends or players:

FIRST leave your hamachi turned on (rectangle box)

1 player creates a game in Lan MODE in freedom force

the other players job: on the hamachi (rectangle box) you will see a bunch of numbers for (E.G 3423.134.234)

go to direct IP on freedom force: and type in the players number code off hamachi who has created a game on lan

then press join...then BAAAIM yall can play online

any questions?
#2cogadhPosted 3/1/2009 5:44:26 PM
Hamachi is great (and not just for FFvTR), but aren't the Freedom Force games still supported on GameSpy Arcade?