How to get Riven to run on XP and Vista

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6 years ago#1
I found a web-site that helped me get this game to work.

unlike some other methods which required running virtual PC. this one is easier (or harder if you have several problems)

The web site is

The method I used to get it to work was to first install the game and let it install the quicktime 32, then install a updated quicktime version.

Then download and install the official riven 1.02 patch.

Then edit the file called mohawk.w32 using notepad and find the line that says


and change it to


This made the game work fine for me. but if you look at the above web-site, it will tell you more in greater detail.

Have fun playing Riven!

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6 years ago#2
Is there anyway to get it to work on a 64-bit system?

6 years ago#3
Or on Mac OSX 10.5, Leopard?

I read of a method, but damn is it a lot of work.
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6 years ago#4
If virtual PC doesnt work right for you (it didnt for me), try following this video:

To get it working on 64 bit, you have to follow the steps on 32 bit windows (either another PC, or virtual PC) until you get past the UPDATER step, then transfer the files back to your 64 bit vista computer. Finish the steps, and youll have a working copy of vista.
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