Maul Run Through

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6 years ago#1
Got my man cave all decked out, and started playing Power Battles again. Just started a Darth Maul game. Currently on Corruscant (level 6). Can't wait to see what Maul v.s Maul will be like on stage 10.
It is what it is
6 years ago#2
Well well well, Maul v.s. Maul on stage 10 is ridiculous. I've played through ten lives, and haven't made it to the second stage of the fight. The main concern that I have is the health/force issue. With Maul (as well as Panaka and Amidala) you don't level up, which means when you hit stage 10 you have the same amount of health that you had on stage 1.

This is gonna be hardcore . . .
It is what it is

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