Hell Blast

#1Big_OwnagePosted 6/16/2011 6:09:16 PM
Yo. I never played this game until recently and it's been really fun! I beat it for the first time with a Samurai and now I am going through as a Gator Shaman. I'm in the middle part where you basically have to grind to get all the stuff you need. I have a leveled up fire bolt that rocks people, so I got Hell Blast to see how it was. It seemed powerful but it kept damaging my other runner (Winston). When should I use Hell Blast instead of a single target spell? I don't know much about magic so any help would be appreciated! Cheers chummers.
#2PhexarPosted 6/16/2011 8:36:07 PM
Generally you should stick with Flame Bolt and use Hell Blast only when there's a group of enemies... probably best to use at the start of combat before your other characters get too close to the enemies and get fried as well. It is nice for toasting groups of enemies, being the strongest spell in the game. Also pack some Fetishes to help with that mana drain that Hell Blast has.
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#3Big_Ownage(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2011 7:29:42 AM
It seems like Hell Blast is very situational at best then. So basically flame bolt is my main spell? How about super barrier, sleep, confuse, and mana storm/blast?
#4PhexarPosted 6/18/2011 11:48:02 AM
Indeed, Flame Bolt is the best all around attack spell, packing about the power of a shotgun, only magical.

Super Barrier is used for crowd/battlefield control, mainly. Good for putting distance between you and enemies, though it doesn't last long (Barrier lasts about twice as long and can go without any drain but things can still be fired through it- melee attackers are out of luck though, good or bad)

Sleep strangely enough is an attack spell, and the weakest version of Mana Storm/Hellblast. It has about the power of Mana Blast and Flame Dart. It's non elemental, and presumably attacks the enemy with physical damage(like bare fists), not that this makes much difference when it comes to killing enemies. There's no discount on it either, being from Council Island's Medicine Lodge, so the stronger area-attack spells can prove cheaper to buy, strangely enough.

Confuse(and Stink- they're exactly the same thing aside from their animations) are worthless- while there's a possibility these might debuff an enemy's accuracy no-one's ever noticed any difference. All they do is randomly cause some enemies to keep acting as if they've been damaged. While that does slow them down chasing you you'd be better off casting a Barrier/Super Barrier if you wanted to get away anyway with far, far more reliable and superior results, especially since Barrier can go without drain too! Again, no discount on these due to them being from the Medicine Lodge, to really hammer the 'avoid' sign in.

Mana Storm and Mana Blast are similar to their fire versions, but weaker (Mana Blast is about as strong as Flame Dart, as mentioned), with their advantage being that Hellhounds are not immune to them, and they are stronger than Mana Zap(which is dreadful anyway) and Sleep.
I am the Starlite Sage. My duty is to support, encourage & heal people. I understand much in this world, of it's light & darkness. (Created 6/6/2003)