How do I catch Snorlax?

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User Info: SecretAgent31

8 years ago#1
Im to the part where you use the Poke Flute to awaken Snorlax, and I weaken it to the lowest possible health without fainting and put it to sleep, then throw a Great Ball, and every single time, it broke out within a second. What do I do to capture it?
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User Info: soldevice

8 years ago#2
Just keep trying, you'll get it eventually.
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User Info: Shotgun22

8 years ago#3
yeah i got lucky and caught it with 5 great balls my first try. just make sure you keep trying, you'll get it eventually.
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User Info: Painmaster212

8 years ago#4
Maybe get some ult balls,get him in low red,put him to sleep then throw ults at him.That will pretty much catch him the 1st 3 to 5 trys.

User Info: iamwhoiamorami

8 years ago#5
I didn't put him to sleep but I got him down to really low health and it "only" took 20-30 great balls...
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