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8 years ago#1
Facebook.com started a MMORPG of pokemon... and I'm considering either Ghastly or Drowsey to add to my team... but I don't remember what Ghost attacks beat... it was Psychic and something else...
8 years ago#2
There are only two Ghost moves that cause damage, Night Shade and Lick. The former does set damage based on the user's level, the latter sucks, and both have no type advantage against anything. The right way to use a Gengar is not by using Ghost moves. Gengar's still a good pokemon nevertheless.
8 years ago#3
Ghost moves were originally intended to be Super effective against Psychic types, but due to some programming flaws, won't hit mono psychics (almost as if there's a hidden "Normal" type on them...

Having said that, this Gen's Ghost moves, as already stated, were pretty rubbish.
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8 years ago#4
Ghost moves are super effective against... Ghost and they aren't that spectacular as mentioned earlier.
8 years ago#5
On a side not through Ghost aren't really that valuable in an offensive line-up but for the defense they can wow you. They are completely immune to normal and fighting attacks and that covers a lot of moves man.
8 years ago#6
Problem with that is, in this gen, and all since, no serious trainer has just one type of moves on any of their normal type pokemon, and fighting types were almost never used (and even they often had Rock Slide or another move that WOULD hit ghost types for a lot).

This means that all properly taught pokemon will be able to hit ANY type of pokemon.
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8 years ago#7
gengar also has great special, and since there is no special split he takes very little damage from many pokemon. Stuff like persian and weezing can't do very much to him and pokemon like pinsir are completely unable to harm him. Gengar's great special allows him to do some good damage with thunderbolt and mega drain (and possibly psychic and explosion).
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8 years ago#8
Ha... hahahahah!!! You're kidding, right?

Just one type: Itself. If it weren't for a programming error, it would have been super effective against Psychic... but the game fails in that prospect.

Perhaps this MMO should have used a more recent (and more balanced?) battle system.
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8 years ago#9
if the only ghost pokemon in the game weren't part Poison, they would have actually had an advantage against psychic pokemon.
8 years ago#10
Perhaps this MMO should have used a more recent (and more balanced?) battle system.

They did fix that in the future >_>

Well, in some pokegames... <_<
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