Whats the best way to get runes?

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8 years ago#1
Any runes are ok.

This is version 1.11, single player.
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8 years ago#2
Blood Countess, Act I. She usually gives pretty good runes for me.
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8 years ago#3
Only luck I've really had is with Countess... although, personally, I've had the best luck in Nightmare running the Countess. My runs are faster, and the rune drops have only been minimally lower, and many times better.

When you combine the enhanced speed of running Countess Nightmare over hell and then combining runes, I think you'll be better off in the long run at Nightmare.

Although this is only personal opinion.

As for higher runes... I'm not too sure...
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8 years ago#4
For most high runes, it's just dumb luck (I forget the numbers, but Zod is well worse than a 1 in a million drop rate off anything, including bosses capable of dropping it.)

For up to Gul (I think...) the best source is Hell Forge - it's really not that hard to get a character up to Hell, especially if you've got 2 cdkey's and figured out how to get 2 copies of the game running (or 2 computers...). That, or a very good friend on your list who you can work out a comprimise (ie: i'll glitch rush you and you glitch rush me, we'll both profit :)

Hell Countess has the "best" drop rate, paired with the Key of Terror (which is worth something, when you trade up Key's of Terror for Key's of Hate//Destruction, eventually forming a Key Set... multiple keysets (like 3 or 4) are worth a High Rune, one Key Set typically runs for about a Pul rune.)

NM Countess would be second place, but you lose alot of potential value going after her, for 2 reasons.
1) She can't drop as high of runes as Hell Countess, even despite those higher runes are still pretty infrequent, it's still a chance at something you're missing out on.
2) NM Countess can't drop the Key of Terror, which is a fairly common drop (IIRC 1 in 14 odds), which compounds the loss of value even further, since Key's & Key Sets can be traded up for plenty of things.
8 years ago#5
You guys fail at single player.

Lower Kurast runs FTW.
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8 years ago#6
Fenriradramelk makes a good point about Hell Countess v. NM Countess

Hell countess can and will drop her Key, and does so much more frequently than she drops decent runes. With trading, this is a viable strategy to get yourself higher runes - some 'trade downtime' is involved, but that's to be expected.

Nightmare Countess is a joke, and can be run very quickly, and easily. She can only drop up to MRs (best I've gotten from her was 2 x Hel rune on one run), but if you can run her repeatedly and are happy to cube up, you might be able to upgrade up to Um in the same amount of time that it would take for Hell Countess to drop the equivalent amount of runes.

One of the reasons I go have a slight pref for NM Countess over Hell, is that I'm playing a CL/Orb sorc, and every so often a multi-shot Corrupt Rogue Unique will spawn with Lit & Cold immune along with other annoying mods near the Countess which is a pain in the butt to deal with and can really slow things down.

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8 years ago#7
Do you guys all fail to see that he plays single player? Go for NM Countess.
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8 years ago#8
hell council
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8 years ago#9
1. Do Countess runs and cube up your runes.
2. Kill zillions of enemies and hope for the best.
3. Buy or trade for them.
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8 years ago#10
You guys seriously fail at single player.

Lower Kurast runs. No better way.
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