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User Info: God_of_Magic

8 years ago#1
So I'm making a charged strike amazon. I was wondering what weapon I should use. I have a T-strokes and an eth titans as well. Which is better? Can I up my titans on nl? What's the upping recipe anyway? I'm thinking treks for boots since I do light damage, or gores? Some equipment suggests would be welcome. So far I got an idea of what I want. Suggestions?
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User Info: Oberkapo

8 years ago#2
Well, it's all preference for the weapon choice, but I'd say Titan's, because you won't have to go to town a lot to repair them. Also, you can't up Titan's on NL. Treks are your best bet.
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User Info: www_dot_com

8 years ago#3
Use Titans against enemies and Tstrokes against bosses and pvp.
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User Info: funkyfritter

8 years ago#4
titans and treks all the way
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User Info: God_of_Magic

8 years ago#5
For skills I was thinking of putting a point into crit hit, penetrate, and peirce since CS does my physical damage too, right? A majority of my damage is lightning so should I get them? Can I peirce other players with peirce and hit them multiple times?
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