Can't decide Paladin or Barbarian

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7 years ago#1

So I tend to pick melee classes when playing RPG's and after coming back to Diablo 2 after like 8 years, I am having a hard time deciding between Paladin or Barbarian.

What are the pros and cons to both, and which do you all think is more fun to play?

7 years ago#2
Paladins are more versatile, and have better survivability.

Barbarians look cooler, (can) hit harder, and... uh... are white? I don't know. =P
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7 years ago#3

Hmm Paladin sounds pretty good

7 years ago#4
Barbs dual wield
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7 years ago#5
too broad a question by OP. there are tons of melee builds in both characters. Both are lots of fun.. barbs usually can tank better due to 2x if not 3x life more life (if cta isn't used on pally) and paladins have more versatility and the best shields in the game.

barbs have way better wpn options whether 2H or dual or 1H +shield. Paladins are most effective with 1H wpn and shield.
7 years ago#6
also to add. Barbs have better melee dmg vs multiple enemies. Paladins have zeal.. but whirlwind is way better. Both barbs and paladins have similar dmg output vs one enemy (smite w/cb vs berserk)
7 years ago#7
As far as melee goes, I'd pick a barbarian myself. I'm not personally interested in pally melee at all, just an auradin or hammerdin.
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