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6 years ago#1
First time im playing in 4 years so Im just goofing around with single for now but i cant seem to find a hero editor for 1.13, does one exist? The newest one i can find wont edit my characters.
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6 years ago#2
Zonfire for 1.12 still works with 1.13 just fine.
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6 years ago#3
"Hero Editor v0.96" also still works, the only thing it doesn't have available is the Essences that you put in the cube for extra Respecs, but since you're using an Editor anyways, I don't think a Respec would be necessary. lol

I find this to be the best and simplest Editor, but that's just my opinion.
6 years ago#4
hmm i wonder why it wont let me save the character i made, it says make sure the name is legal or its not a read only name which it isnt. Also if i make a character using the editor it doesnt show up when i try to use it in game.
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6 years ago#5
for which Editor? You don't MAKE characters in the Editor, you go into Single Player and make a character, then log out and open it in the Editor and change what you want to change.
6 years ago#6
You can do both with some, I have tried hero editor v1.03 as well as the version before, i have tried that shadowmaster one as well as Udietoo. They all either wont save my character, or if they do the changes wont be made. Can anyone help me out? I have also re-installed diablo and kept V1.12
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6 years ago#7
Are you running it as Administrator? It does need administrative access to change the files kept within anything past C: and since Diablo 2 is something to the effect of C:/Programs Files/Diablo 2, then it needs administrative access to save the changes, as it's editing the files.
6 years ago#8
ill try that thanks
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6 years ago#9
AHA! thanks that worked.
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