Best Mod for LOD?

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6 years ago#1

I've tried Eastern Sun, its decent.

I dont like the new sklls in median

Scrabble v5 is good.

What else do you guys play thats awesome?

6 years ago#2
Median XL is amazing. Get over the new skills and be prepared to be wrecked by a significantly more challenging, new game experience.

No really. Diablo took my Throwsin and my friends Summonecro ~30 minutes to kill last night. It was amazing and SUCH a welcome change.
FFXIV ~ Krystal Alysia - Saronia
6 years ago#3

How many more items and stuff is in median?

Well.. what character pwns in median.. yes i wanna pwn. why? Im in law school.. dont have much time.. and i wanna have fun. lol.

so.. which character - spec rapes lol

6 years ago#4
There are TONS of new items, loads of new cube recipes, new monsters, crazy new uberquests. :)

There are a LOT of viable builds. Summon necros are pretty good since summons just wreck. A poison sorc is an amazing build, just a bit tough to start. My throwsin can wreck on /p1, haha. /p8 gets a little hairy in Act 3 and 4. My friend and I play on open all the time. It's awesome.

What sort of character are you used to playing?
FFXIV ~ Krystal Alysia - Saronia
6 years ago#5

in lod battlenet... i had a 92 frenzy barb with like botd/grief... a blessed hammer lvl 88+ paladin.. um a lightning javazon... had a high lvl summoner too.. but dont wanna do that now.

I just wanna destroy lol. Unholy paladin looked kinda complex.. like u have to use that evil attack.. then use one of the other attacks.. i dunno.. seems hard to do over and over

6 years ago#6

how is the druid treewarden melee aoe dmg character? any good?

6 years ago#7
To be honest, no offense, MXL might not be for you. The way you put it, you just want to play a trapsin - toss down LS until the entire room is dead. I loved the raw power my LS trapsin, but she was not a hard class to play at all, and a one-click wonder at that. MXL doesn't really have those. Even the summon necro requires you to be on your toes with casting summons and totems and auras. You will reach the max level (120) far before finishing the game, if that's any indication of the difference between this mod and others.

So if you want a challenging, refreshing, and REWARDING D2:LoD experience, MXL is def for you. But if you're looking for a somewhat steam roll experience, you might want to check out something else.
FFXIV ~ Krystal Alysia - Saronia
6 years ago#8

Your right.. im up for a challenege. What kind of gear would I need to get to make a godly treewarden?

6 years ago#9

it says i can get stat points by disenchanting sets and stuff.. how do i do this?

6 years ago#10
Does the Eastern Sun mod work with version 1.13 of DII:LoD? And how many changes does it make to the game?
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