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6 years ago#1
so I downloaded the game from GOG and the cheats section of gamefaqs says I need to edit the bos.cfg file to say true instead of false and save the file in the core directory. Problem is since I downloaded it from GOG I do not have access to save files to that directory. Is there any other way to get the bonus mission?
6 years ago#2
The GOG version locks you out of the game directory?
I've never used one of their games, but that seems odd.
Can you access the directory in safe mode?
Consider booting to a Knoppix CD and editing the .cfg file from outside of your OS?

If you can't do it, it's not an amazing mission. It's amusing, but it would have been much cooler if the raiders actually had some idea of how to use a human shield.

Spoiler Alert: The mayor is totally out of the line of fire, through some double doors at the end. You can, if you like, take out the bad guys with grenades and rocket launchers without fear of hurting a hair on the mayor's head. At least the beastlords in Quincy have hostages and know what to do with them.
6 years ago#3
Haha yeah they do and they drive me nuts.

I actually had made it to quincy then tried getting to save into the directory and it would not allow me. I think interplay or someone did it so we couldnt activate the bonus mission as one of the faqs (guilersk) said interplay conatacted him and made him take it out of his walkthroughs on how to access it. I would say GOG did it but when I downloaded Arcanum from GOG i could save my level cap remover right into the directory. I can get into the folder and open bos.cfg, then I change the mission to say true. I go to save and it says "you do not have acess" or some such nonsense. Ill try safemode.

I am not overly concerned as I went on to Mardin and was not worried about it. I was about to go into St.Louis when I got Alice and Harold and decided to Psycho a bos warrior for his M60...I had saved over both my slots and had to start the game over...
6 years ago#4
Are you logged in with administrator access? I don't recommend running that way all the time, but it's probably the right way to go after a .cfg file.

You don't want an M60. You want to wander the wastes looking for a special encounter called "Uprising" There are much nicer guns to drug/poison for in front of that fake bunker. Besides, the SAW is better than the M60, I think.
6 years ago#5
Well being my first playthrough I had not ran through and tried to get special encounters I was just playing the game. I dont really like to grind and junk like that especially since in all my 13 years of fallout 1 and 2 those games are not very hard to beat with just doing quests to get levels. I had not ran across any heavy weapons yet outside a rocket launcher. So I swiped barnakys minigun and snatched up that m60 like a doofus. I was about to go into St.Louis and wanted a heavy gun to carry into the fight ti I got the saw. On my second run through I made a better character and I have found every trader encounter and gotten a Fal, a browning m2, a caws, environmental armor, and that mini gun from the uprising encounter. I killed the merchants with a poison syringe....if I had not would they have restocked at any point?
6 years ago#6
The merchants don't restock as far as I can tell. That's why you want to eventually buy every single round of ammo you can find. Don't use the good ammo on random encounters in the wastes (except maybe for robots and large mutant encounters). That's what 9mm is for.

Make sure you save one of the best gun for each ammo type. You don't want to waste gauss ammo on dogs in the wastelands when you could be using the few extra rounds of 9mm ball you picked up off of some reavers. Keep an m14 in your trunk because someday you'll trade in a stack of brownings, SAWs, and barbed spears for a few hundred rounds of otherwise useless .303. You can translate that ammo into XP when you're roach hunting.
6 years ago#7
Nah, I dont really see a point in grinding....I really find all of the fallout games quite easy to beat just using quest xp. I never went over level like 20 in any of the fallout games...never did any grinding. I dont see a point really. Once your stats are raised (which science, traps, outdoors, small guns, repair, and piloting can all be raised using books to about 90 percent, and above that in most cases). I am level 11 at Jefferson with 140 in small guns, 140 in energy weapons, with 2 lockpicks I get to 130 in lockpicking, about 65 in repair, 90 in traps, like 70 in piloting, 95 in science, farsight has 120 in outdoorsman, stitch has 120 in bartering, I have 100,000 dollars plus, a ton of guns, good armors including environmental from the trader, and my stats are 6,8,6,6,8,8,6 with gifted and fast shot and the endurance elixer. Grinding doesnt raise your strength and luck and agility and stuff like in most games so once your combat skills hit their peaks its really about what equipment you have and that only comes from story progression for the most part and what kind of party you have. Alice destroys super mutants with her heavy weapons, trevor is a beast with grenades and the shotguns, when its really dicey brian can sneak and destroy with the saw, and farsight and my character crush with sniper rifles and magnums/fn fal respectively. Fast shot with a magnum and 9 ap means 4 magnum shots a round at 20-30 points plus better/more criticals you can destroy a mutant with those 4 shots). I did do a couple levels of the lockpicking xp thing though in the beginning, I wont lie to ya. I was about level 4 or 5 before I ever even left the first mission..but only on my main character.
6 years ago#8
I'd rather grind than do the unlock/relock thing, myself.

It is fun to make an enemy dance in CTB with a fast pistoleer. Sometimes you can keep a mutant off balance enough to keep him from firing at all. I'm also a big fan of the plasma pistol at 1AP once you pick up Bonus Rate of Fire. Stagger your reloads with another squaddie on a laser or plasma pistol and you can keep almost anything jumping at close range.

You can do Preoria almost entirely with pistols (plus fists and hammers for the turrets). Roachor usually gets a burst from an M14 or some grenades. Other than the turrets, the place is like a little shooting gallery.
6 years ago#9
Its a bit dull I agree but its upto 80+ xp and its faster than grinding in some cases. If you have a high lockpick skill its pretty fast. I did like 15k xp for a level lockpicking haha. But i only did it at low levels where the levels were quick to gain through lockpicking xp. It worked out pretty good. When I did the 15k xp plus like 8k xp for three squad members I (so thats what like 40k xp?) it took me like 30 minutes and I was watching the Dallas NFL season opener against the skins and i barely looked at the game just kept clicking 2 and left click.
6 years ago#10
Since you're a crazy lockpicker, have you been able to open all of the lockers in the Coppertops encounter? There's one that constantly "Looks Difficult" to me.

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