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The BIG HELP TOPIC v2!! Read this FIRST. (Sticky) (Closed)
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Problem Starting This Game (Archived)punisher123413/4 2:04AM
Buzzer symbol (Archived)tanin12312/28 5:57AM
Just got the far cry franchise in the steam summer sale.. (Archived)darkcresent9126/20/2014
Weird Radar HUD problem (Archived)dunehawke711/25/2012
PC Games Hardware FC Tuning Configs file (Archived)Pens_Fan110/12/2012
Looking around without the mouse? (Archived)Nintenking18/30/2012
Psychic NPCs knowing exactly where I'm at through walls. (Archived)TheNeckbeard26/10/2012
where is everyone? (Archived)robvei44/11/2012
They should really release this on consoles. The original PC version! (Archived)Ketorulz31/27/2012
Does the PS2 version have a map editor? (Archived)borisee112/22/2011
Beating This Game Without Cheating! Yes it is Possible: (Archived)Trspike411/13/2011
Just Thru Factory Man That's A Tough Level: Only 2 Left! Forward HO! (Archived)Trspike411/10/2011
Just Got Thru River! Still A Great Game! Waiting 4 where it Sucks-Doubt It will! (Archived)Trspike310/30/2011
Here's a Unique Way to Get thru Catacombs Level-Maybe Not sure? (Archived)Trspike110/12/2011
Boat Level was darn hard but got thru Here's how getting Stuck here=Easy! (Archived)Trspike210/6/2011
Going Along Just Fine Now Just Started Cooler Level Man I Love this Game! (Archived)Trspike510/3/2011
Hello Everyone I Need Help Getting Thru Control Level Final Battle? (Archived)Trspike19/11/2011
How do I install a patch? (Archived)chadwick134329/4/2011
Is it worth it to explore? (Archived)aNubOnRoids48/19/2011
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