Any new SP maps since Matto4 ?

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8 years ago#1
topic. Matto4 was that last one I played, and I want to play a new decent map without bugs. So has there been any new releases of SP maps I should check out ?

8 years ago#2
Hi Billandbull. Long time no see :)

Here's the best place to get FC maps. They have quite a long list of SP maps. Maybe read some of the comments from people who've tried them.

I haven't tried any others besides Matto. Maybe Odus can recommend some. I know ToeTag was working on one, though I'm not sure if he ever finished it.
Gameplay Vids
8 years ago#3
Here's a few that are worth downloading...

Shadowman is outstanding - made by Toe_Tag. He made a ton of awesome custom multiplayer maps.

outpost22 v1.1

Farmer Jack is another great one. **warning** Jack cusses like a drunk sailor.
8 years ago#4
This one should be downloaded too. Cleaning of Islands:

It has a couple of custom maps plus he took all the stock multiplayer maps and converted them to single player maps.

Just download then extract into your mods folder. C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Mods
8 years ago#5
Hi guys! Fun to be remembered. :) I had a fling with HalfLife 2 (yeah, I'm backtracking) and got completely infatuated with Civilization IV (oh, the the horror!) so I have not been here for some time...

I have played Outpost22 and Farmer Jack, but Shadowman is new to me. Will try that one out - Thanks a lot!

Cleaning of Islands I can't remember if I have already tried (and did not like and thus aborted). But what the heck I'll try it out again! :) Cheers!
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