7 Reasons Why Bowser in MP3 is a Socialist/Communist

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3 years ago#1
1) If you have a lot of coins, there will be slot options to take more coins. It is a progressive tax
2) If you have no coins, Bowser will give you coins for free for not even doing anything
3) His space is RED
4) He distributes coins equally, via his Bowser REVOLUTION
5) He rearranges players on the board at will via Bowser Shuffle, indicating that he has complete state control of the map
6) He empowers a bureacratic tax collecting class by arming them with Bowser Suits
7) He gives away free Cell Phones to people who don't deserve it. "I GOT MAH BOWZAH FONE!!1!! -(inside joke)

Seriously, if there is anyone on the political spectrum flirting with socialism, I could just suggest they play MP3 and they will become libertarians in no time.
"He raged at the world, at his family, at his life. But mostly he just raged." - Raging Goblin flavor text, Magic the Gathering Card
3 years ago#2
I call him this all the time. I love how he was just a dick in the original.

Why would you post an inside joke to people who do not under understand it?
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