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Hey everybody, it's musicandgamesandstuf here! I run a modest youtube channel (in my sig) I've LPed some of the other games in this series and now it is time for this games time to shine.

I would appreciate if you were to check out this up-coming play through, if you have an account there you can vote for what characters and boards that I do next, even subscribe if you like me enough! But you can only vote if you're fast enough! *one vote per video.

Liking the video makes my day just a little brighter. keep that in mind. :D

I have created a playlist, it is located here:

It's hidden as I post this, but I will make it view-able once the series has started. Since this is a dead board, I'm posting this topic in advance because there's very little traffic here. ;)
And you know I'm good for it, I've been keeping these boards alive for years.

I'll post the first few videos and then I'll likely close the topic. Unless anyone objects.

~chao pika740/mgs~
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The first episode:
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Part 2

Part 3

Luck is not favoring me.
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Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Creepy Cavern

Part 1
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