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Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3 have the best boards (Archived)Paper_Mario_488/6/2012
I really like this game but.. (Archived)RunetheKoopa32/18/2012
If I remember this game had some pretty cool boards (Archived)Paper_Mario_432/5/2012
The reverse mushroom is one of the best items in the game. (Archived)PLAYS MANY GAMES312/22/2011
Any word on this being re released on Virtual Console? (Archived)oneupper412/10/2011
I love this game and still play it with my friends but..... (Archived)themystery311/4/2011
Special Partner Combinations? (Archived)ryuhipowers239/11/2011
Bowser is a Communist (Archived)GangrenousKhan28/24/2011
The Gold Mt. Mariomore... (Archived)BAMX28/23/2011
What's the point of the Super Hard difficulty? (Archived)1Y2i3m0d68/15/2011
An insanely fun game... (Archived)GangrenousKhan28/6/2011
Wouldn't it be awesome if Mario Party was remade on 3DS with WiFi functionality? (Archived)Coopman101047/29/2011
Who else loves 50 turn games? (Archived)marioman115475/12/2011
definitely in my top 5 N64 games list (Archived)mario_pot24/15/2011
code for unlocking very hard difficulty (Archived)Ice_Dragon1424/4/2011
You know, I don't think the computer even tries to win.... (Archived)ZeldaFrEEk0631/13/2011
Put This on VC! (Archived)archon10531/5/2011
3rd best party game ever! (Archived)Tekken929218/30/2010
Everything is against you (Archived)MetaKnight33658/30/2010
what are the partner combinations to lower cost (Archived)codemaster9517538/15/2010
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