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3 years ago#1
1. Anybody have any links to downloading ver 2.4? And the tweaks?

2. I've played thorugh it before as far as arnika, but unfortunately had to stop and forgot what I was doing :-/

This time I wanna play a little further, at least as far as the girlfirend will allow. :-) I'm thinking bout this party:

Dracon fighter (Sword)
Human Samurai (Duh)
Felpurr Monk (Staff)
Faerie Ninja (Staff)
Mook Gadgeteer
Rawulf Priest (Mace)

I chose a priest over a bishop cause I heard that the specialized classes get good weapons, and I wanted a strong healer right away. I remember what a pain those treasure hunters were last time. The hybrid are meant to cover bases for the other magic schools to get spells like enchanted blade, Missile shield etc.

Anybody see any flaws with this plan? I'm an expert on the main game, but pretty new with this mod and from what I saw the last time around, it was a whole new ballgame. I chose many different races for their magic resitances as well. I did okay last time, but I also forgot what party I choose. My other idea was this:

Mook Fighter
Dwarf Monk
Human Samurai
Mook Gadgeteer
Human Priest/Lord level 2
Elf Alchemist
Marcello: They took out four of my guards! Angelo: (whistles) Marcello: .......yes well..
3 years ago#2
Official patch 2.4

Christian Coder Mod
3 years ago#3
Lol. I didn't find it on flamestrykes site, but I DID find it on my computer. :-/ Thanks anyway.
Marcello: They took out four of my guards! Angelo: (whistles) Marcello: .......yes well..
3 years ago#4
All wiz8 mods can be found here

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