Samurai + Bloodlust

#1brantnuttallPosted 6/10/2013 4:47:32 AM
I have to say I thought my Samurai with bloodlust was a complete waste of time. Sword was about 70, dual wield about 60 close combat about 45. It hardly ever connected. In fact there where a number of times that 7 attacks would miss and once I dad 12 attacks for 1 damage. I decided to switch to an enchanted sword and it did FAR more damage even with the number of attacks going down.
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#2PainAmplifierPosted 6/10/2013 2:26:26 PM
Personally, I never use Bloodlust regardless of hit rate. For the same reason I don't use the Cane of's a cursed weapon and it prevents you from auto switching to a ranged weapon in combat. And for me that is a major penalty that I don't consider worth it.
#3jamiemadrox024Posted 6/10/2013 4:36:23 PM
I've had the complete opposite experience. Bloodlust has always been incredible on any of my Samurai, Bards, and Lords. It usually triples their damage output the moment I equip it. Berserk Attack Mode and an additional attack is an insane boost that isn't mirrored by any weapon for a long time. My solo Lord is still using Bloodlust even after acquiring Fang because it still does more damage.

How is your Str/Dex? Are you using Enchanted Blade? Dual wielding really isn't that great on a Samurai (it actually has the worst off-hand choice of any dual wielding class) and that is another reason you're not hitting as much as you should. You would also probably have a second round of attacks if you were not dual wielding, which is really crazy with Bloodlust because +1 attacks adds to every separate attack. Instead of having two inaccurate Bloodlust strikes and one weak off-hand attack, you would have four significantly more accurate Bloodlust strikes per turn. Plus like 3-4 AC from a Heater Shield which is kinda handy.

But yeah, I really don't see how you have an Enchanted Broadsword dealing "far" more damage than Bloodlust considering Bloodlust seriously does quadruple the damage. Even more so when you gain an additional turn of attack.
#4brantnuttall(Topic Creator)Posted 6/12/2013 5:01:22 PM
I have to admit it is strange. I just love dual wielding. Saying that fang + light shield was fun. I abuse stealth on level one rogue and hardly anything could get through.
"There are no good chess players, just good chess playing fanatics."