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10 years ago#1
Before asking your question on the board (where getting an answer will probably take much longer, if, you get an answer), check the FAQs, as well as this topic. Donald’s FAQ can answer a lot of your gameplay questions, and this topic is here to answer other common questions. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press F to bring up a window that will search for any words you enter on the current page - this can help you find what you want from a huge FAQ very quickly.

Try looking through existing board topics before posting a question to be answered. Use the search feature located underneath the topic list or just read though the topic headings yourself. Also, you can try changing your display settings (click the "Manage Account" button on the top-right of the page) to show more topics/posts per page. And if you can’t find an answer, at least put all your questions in one topic.

Please use descriptive topic names if you have a question or problem! You're much more likely to have a knowledgeable person help you out if they can tell what your topic is about from its name.

Don't try to impress people by stating how you beat the game, how many Lv. 100's you have, or how you beat your friends all the time. Odds are that none of that is much of a comparison to the online competition you can find. If you try to impress this way, someone will probably start flaming you.

Read (and follow) the TOS - it's there for a reason. If you haven't read this, you should. It's a classic and if you follow it, you won't be banned...ever.

Useful Links:

Phil's site, which has a very detailed guide on finding and catching the rare Pokémon you release from the Burned Tower into the wild. It also provides answers to many other questions you may have, like about Hidden Power. It hasn't been updated in a long time, however, so some things (team creation information for one) may no longer be as accurate as they once were. The unfinished RMT! program available for download never had its team-rating abilities truly fleshed out, but it provides some other
useful resources, like move/item info.

Travis's site, home to the Item Spoiler, which is full of information about the items in this game, as well as some other useful bits. He also hosts Donald's FAQ.

Metalloid Research, a site with detailed information about how the moves and items in this game worth. How much does Swords Dance increase your power? How helpful is a Scope Lens? Questions like those are answered here.

Download link for Jolt's PKUtility, a spreadsheet that provides many useful features like damage calculation and stat information.

The official site for NetBattle, a downloadable fan-made program that allows you to simulate Pokémon battles with other trainers online. It supports all generations of games - choose one, design a team you like, and challenge someone!
10 years ago#2
Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal FAQs:
What animals are Entei, Raikou, and Suicune?
What are Legendary Gerbils?
Why won't my game save?
Why isn't my game clock keeping time correctly?
Why won't this trick/code work?
How do I make bold/italicized/underlined text?
How do I make my topic bold or italicized?
How do I make my own topic sticky?
What is the best team?
What is the best Pokémon?
Can you help me make a good team?
How do I find and catch Raikou, Entei, and Suicune?
What does [abbreviation/weird word] mean?
Why shouldn't I use Hyper Beam?
Why did the nurse tell my my Pokémon are sick?
What is the Pokérus?
How do I catch Mew?
How do I catch Celebi?
How do I duplicate Pokémon?
How do I duplicate items?
How do I change the time?
Why is my Pokémon a different color?
Why does my Pokémon "sparkle"?
What are shiny Pokémon?
What is the easiest way to get shiny Pokémon?
How do I get a shiny Ditto?
What is Hidden Power, and how does it work?
How do I get the Hidden Power I want?
Why do I see people using these HP [type] moves?
What are DVs?
What's different between Gold/Silver and Crystal?
10 years ago#3
What animals are Entei, Raikou, and Suicune?
What are Legendary Gerbils?

Some say they're dogs, others argue they're cats. Still more people say they're a mix of the two. What are they really? Nobody knows. Official sources have never called them anything but Pokémon. If you think they look like dogs or cats and want to call them that, go right ahead. But, after a ton of unwanted dog/cat argument topics, board regulars agreed on an alternative:

The Legendary Gerbil Theory:
Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are all Legendary Gerbils mutated by radiation. This theory has been around longer than most of the people on the Gold/Silver/Crystal boards. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THIS THEORY, since you will not win! Remember, arguments turn to flames which turn to banning (and burnination). Now then...don't take this as us forcing our opinions on you. This theory was created as an alternative to the cat/dog arguments. If you don't wish to call Entei, Raikou and Suicune the Legendary Gerbils, then fine. But don't try to force others to have the same opinion as you. Especially with "logic" arguments. We've heard them all.

Why won't my game save?
Why isn't my game clock keeping time correctly?

Problems like this are common lately for people who have played a lot, because these games use their internal batteries to save data. Like any other battery, they run out of power over time. Eventually, you won't be able to save your game anymore.

Unfortunately, your options are rather limited. You can either buy a new copy or get the battery replaced. Try taking your game to a local electronics store to see if they will replace the battery for you, but be aware that any saved data you do have will be lost when you do this. You could also try replacing the internal battery by yourself, but it is not recommended.

If you are adventurous enough to try and replace your battery, then please follow this handy little guide. Be warned though, neither GameFAQs, myself or the guide's author are responsible for any injury or damage done to you or the game pack!
10 years ago#4
dethbydeseption | Posted 6/15/2006 6:13:40 PM

Well, I was bored this morning and thought: "I haven't played Pokemon Gold in a while." So I dug it out from under my bed, plugged it in to my GB and turned it on. Hmm no save file that's odd, oh well, I was gonna start a new game anyway. After awhile I save and quit so I can take a break. A little bit later I turn my gameboy back on. No save file!! I try a few times on both Gold and Silver. Same thing. So I search Google to see what my problem is. I find out that my internal battery has died!

But there is no way to fix it? Every site I go to says that my game is ruined, all I can do is buy a new one or send it off to Nintendo for repair!......wait a minute....Nintendo can repair it? I'm just as good if not better at fixing stuff than Nintendo, I bet I can fix it! And I did! Now you can too!

Things you need:

-Pokemon G/S

-New battery: CR2025 or DL2025

-really small needle nose pliers

-soldering iron/solder

-electrical tape

Ok here we go, I didn't know how to get images to work so just copy and paste the url's to your address bar.


First you have to take your cartrige apart. It only has one screw but it has a weird head. I used really small needle nose pliers to take it out.


Ok now that we have it apart lets take a look. There's the battery, notice how it has a yellow lining around the edge? Also take note on how the positive side is face down, we don't want to put the new battery in backwards. It's soldered to metal tabs on the top and bottom too. To get it out, I pulled on the tab firmly but gentle not to damage anything. It's a little difficult because you have to break the solder. You have to do this to the top and bottom.


Ok, now the old dead battery is gone! Take a break and plug in your soldering iron.


And here's our new battery.


I wrapped a small strip of electrical tape around the edge of the battery to imitate the yellow band. It prevents the battery from touching other parts in the cartridge.


Now this was my first time soldering anything, but I think it turned out alright, and hey...it works! Now remember, postive side face down against the board! Solder the tabs on both sides and voila!


Put the board back in the cartridge. Careful, it's a pretty tight fit if you have no soldering skills like me. Put the screw back in the back of the cartridge, and enjoy! I don't know how long it will last, hopefully a couple years like the original battery. So far mine still works but it's only been a couple of hours. Well enjoy!

10 years ago#5
Why won't this trick/code work?
There are many fake cheats and tricks for these games posted on the Internet. Many, for example, can be found on GameWinners.com. Attempts have been made to have the false information removed, but to no avail. Do not trust them unless you find the same information here from a credible source.

If your problem is with a Gameshark code, try looking in the FAQs to see if they have a code that matches yours. Also, codes for Crystal are different than the ones used for Gold/Silver in most (if not all) cases, so make sure you're using the right game's code. Gold and Silver use the same codes, though.

How do I make bold/italicized/underlined text?
How do I make my topic bold or italicized?
How do I make my own topic sticky?

First off, you can't underline text on GameFAQs.
(No, this doesn't count!)
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ (that would be holding Alt and typing 0175, by the way)

<b>This text will be bold</b>
<i>This text will be italicized</i>

will become:

This text will be bold
This text will be italicized

You cannot make your topic title bold or italicized. You can’t make your topic sticky either.

What is the best team?
What is the best Pokémon?
Can you help me make a good team?

There is no perfect team or Pokémon, nor is there a single "best" of either one. Similarly, please don't make a topic asking us to make your team for you. Try it yourself and post what you come up with, and someone will be sure to offer their insight on how to make it better. It's a learning experience!

How do I find and catch Raikou/Entei/Suicune?
Phil's site has a very useful guide for this purpose: www.geocities.com/thelegendarydogs

What does [abbreviation/weird word] mean?
Terms that you may see here, and what they mean:
RBY or R/B/Y = Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow
PS2 = Pokémon Stadium 2 (NOT PlayStation 2!)
Clubwak = Marowak with the item Thick Club (which doubles his Attack)
Joltwak = A Clubwak that has been Baton Passed Agility (sometimes includes another move like Substitute), usually from Jolteon
10 years ago#6
Growtheon = A lareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon/Umbreon/Espeon with the move Growth (only available from NYPC, or in online battle simulators)
Curselax = A standard Snorlax with the move Curse
Drumlax = A standard Snorlax with the move Belly Drum
STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus (ex. A Ground-type using Earthquake will deal 1.5x as much damage as a non-Ground type using it). This works for every type, including Normal (some guides say there is no STAB on Normal moves, they're wrong)
Thunderdance = Rain Dance + Thunder combo (Gives Thunder 100% accuracy)
Sunnybeam = Sunny Day + Solarbeam combo (Makes Solarbeam a 1-turn move, but usually a bad idea for Grass-types, since it powers up their weakness)
Minty Rest = Rest + a held Mint Berry (Mint Berry wakes you up once you fall asleep, but only once)
Rest Talk = Using Rest to sleep and heal, and using Sleep Talk until you awaken.
Rest Bell = Team strategy where many team members use Rest to heal, then are awakened by a Heal Beller later
TSS = Toxic Spikes Sandstorm (Team strategy focusing on the use of these three moves to wear down opponents)
00ber = The strongest of the strong: Mewtwo, Mew, Ho-oh, and Lugia. Their excellent stats and movepools make them overpowered, which is why they are banned from online battles unless otherwise stated. Celebi is sometimes considered an 00ber, but its numerous weaknesses and inferior movepool make it debatable.
Hazer = Pokémon using Haze to erase stat changes
Pseudohazer = Pokémon using Roar/Whirlwind to force enemy switches. Moves like Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Encore, and Toxic can also do this, but are not as reliable
Psychohazing = Using Psych Up to steal the opponent’s stat boosts, then Pseudohazing them out of the action. NYPC = New York Pokémon Center; store with various Pokémon products made notorious for machines that dispense rare Pokémon and Pokémon with special moves that can't be learned any other way (Lovely Kiss on Snorlax for example)
NYAC = New York Abomination Center; another name for the NYPC, since it has unleashed movesets like the Lovely Kiss Snorlax, Growtheon, and Hypnosis Misdreavus, which some people hate fighting.
Sleep Clause = Online battle rule that’s usually assumed to be in effect. You can only put one enemy Pokémon to sleep at a time (if they Rest, it doesn’t count). Adopted from Nintendo’s official rules.
Species Clause = Another clause that’s usually assumed. You can only have one Pokémon of a species on your team (i.e. you can’t use two Dragonites). Adopted from Nintendo's official rules.
Item Clause = A rule that’s usually not used online, but some people like its variety. No two Pokémon on a team can hold the same item when this is in effect. Adopted from Nintendo's official rules.
10 years ago#7
Why shouldn't I use Hyper Beam?
While it is stronger than the Normal-type attacks Double-Edge (power 120), Return (102 at high happiness), Frustration (102 at low happiness), and Body Slam (85), those moves are considered more useful. Double-Edge is the closest in power and has more PP and slightly better accuracy, but will cost you some HP when it hits due to recoil damage. Return and Frustration offer more PP and have slightly better accuracy, with no drawback other than less power. Body Slam is considerably weaker, but has more PP, slightly better accuracy, and a very good chance of paralyzing your opponent - a useful status condition. The big problem with Hyper Beam is that you can't do anything the turn after it hits...your opponent gets a free move, which could cost you dearly. Using any of the "better" moves twice is safer and usually (if not always) more powerful.

Why did the nurse tell my my Pokémon are sick?
What is the Pokérus?

The Pokérus is a beneficial virus. It increases the stat experience gained by infected Pokémon (by 50%), which means that they become stronger more quickly. It spreads from infected party Pokémon to non-infected ones in your party, and goes away if you leave the infected Pokémon in your party for a while (about 1 day). Should you catch it, store an infected Pokémon in your PC. Then take it out only to spread it to other Pokémon - Pokérus cannot be passed on or cured inside the PC. Once a Pokémon has recovered from Pokérus, it cannot pass it on anymore, but it is believed that it maintains the boosted stat experience, Unfortunately, the odds of getting the Pokerus are even lower than your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild is 1 in 21,845. There is no cheat to get it (unless you use a Gameshark).

How do I catch Mew?
How do I catch Celebi?

There is no way to catch Mew or Celebi in GSC without using a Gameshark. However, you can trade over a Mew from RBY using the following trick:
10 years ago#8
From: TheScythe | Posted: 4/19/2003 4:23:02 PM | Message Detail
If you don't believe me, try it yourself.

I predict about 99% of the replys to this post will be people who won't even try this, and will just poo-poo it the second they see it. If you bother even TRYING this code, you might actually see that this works. And, please, if your going to start and hate me, only hate me if the code didn't work for you. It should work. No mindless babbling about how I'm a liar. Because I'm not. About this anyway.

-Make sure you haven't battled the Youngster with a Level 17 Slowpoke, on the way to Bill's house. If you have, the code won't work.

-Also make sure you haven't battled the Gambler with two Poliwags and a Poliwhirl. He is facing the Underground Path toward Celadon city...on Route 8. If you have, the code won't work either.

-You need Fly. (Aka HM02)

-Get some Ultra Balls, and anything else you would use to catch a Level 7 Mew, that only knows Pound.

Go to the Gambler I talked about before. Save AT the door he is facing. Don't make him battle you. SAVE HERE, this is tricky. Now, step one step towards him, and PRESS START. Really fast. If you did it right, it will pop up, but he won't battle you. (This shouldn't work for any other trainer) Now Fly to Cerulean City.
[If you've done this right, after you use Fly, he will get the "!" over his head]

Note: You cannot use START, A, or B.

Note: Do NOT save anywhere after this. First of all, you can't save when your buttons don't work. But second, when they work again, saving will ruin the Mew code, and not allow you to get the Mew. Ever. Keep your saved file from before you battled the Gambler.

[If you've done this right, you can't press Start]
Walk (you can't use start) to the Youngster, and when you battle him, make sure he WALKS TO YOU. Don't go directly in front of him. Beat him, and (now your buttons work) Fly to Lavender Town (Or Saffron City).

[If you've done this right, the Start menu WILL pop up when it should]
Now if you went to Lavender, go to the left of town, and start to enter that narrow passageway. If you went to Saffron, go right, to where the guard lets you past if you give him a drink. Either way, the Start menu will pop up. Do NOT save here.

Press B. Mew will appear. This is your ONLY chance. (unless you go to your save file before the Gambler) Ta-Da...its a Mew.
10 years ago#9
How do I duplicate Pokémon?
WARNING: The following trick has been done countless times and is guaranteed to work without any problems if you do it correctly. If you mess it up, bad things can happen. Be careful!

1. Access Bill's PC
2. Switch to an empty PC box (safety reasons, just in case...and saving here is good)
3. Deposit up to five Pokémon from your party into the PC (you must have at least one in your party at all times)
4. Close the PC
5. From the menu, save your game...but about halfway through the message "SAVING...DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER." you need to turn off the game. The timing is very lenient, however, so this shouldn't be hard.

Now check your PC box and party - the Pokémon you deposited should be in both. If it's only in your PC, you turned the game off too late. If it's only in your party, you turned it off too soon.

Yes, the cloning trick is possible in Crystal. Many people say it isn't, but they are doing it wrong (the way the game saves was changed for this game, making it much harder to do). It's done the same way as in GS, just turn off the power one half-second after the period at the end of the message "SAVING...DON"T TURN OFF THE POWER." appears. Try counting "one" out loud after it appears, then turn it off. This is much harder than in the Gold and Silver versions, but it can be done. For your own good, though, practice the timing first with a Pokémon you don't really need...there is a chance that doing it wrong can make
the Pokémon disappear. There are other things that bad timing can accomplish as well, like the color/gender of your character changing.

How do I duplicate items?
The same way you duplicate Pokémon - when you duplicate a Pokémon, the item it is holding is also duplicated. This is the only way to do it, unfortunately, so it's a pretty slow process if you want 99 Master Balls or something. If necessary, release some duplicated Pokémon to make room in your PC.

How do I change the time?
Well, if you return home and talk to your mom, she can turn Daylight Savings Time on and off, which will change the time by one hour. If you try to do this and she tells you that she lost the instructions to your Pokégear, it's because you're doing it at a time when changing your DST setting would cause the day of the week to change (otherwise you could get extra Mystery Gifts, more Trainer House battles, and other bonuses). Wait an hour or so and try again. But if you want to really change the time, keep reading:

There's a Time Reset FAQ on this site designed for just this purpose, check it out. Alternatively, you can head to Phil's site (http://www.geocities.com/thelegendarydogs), which provides both an explanation AND a utility to calculate the password for you. And a quick Google search turned up another Pokémon-themed website called PsyPokes (http://www.psypokes.com/gsc/timechange.php) that looks like it knows what it's doing. Since one of the things that determines your password is how much money you're carrying, I recommend leaving all your money with your mother and finding a password that works when you have no cash on hand. That way, you can always deposit your money with her when you want to change the time (instead of having to get a new password if you don't have enough money or something.

You cannot change the time (other than for Daylight Savings Time) in Crystal without a Gameshark or comparable device.
10 years ago#10
Why is my Pokémon a different color?
Why does my Pokémon "sparkle"?
What are shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Pokémon are Pokémon of an unusual color, which sparkle when sent into battle. They also have three dots by their name on their Status screen. They aren’t better than regular ones, though their stats are above average. Note, however, that a Shiny can never have the best possible stats for its species. The odds of finding a shiny pokemon in the wild are 1:8192. You have a better chance of getting a shiny through breeding with a shiny Ditto (which, if you have a RBY game to trade with, is easy to get). The DV's required to get one are:
Attack: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, or 15
Def/Speed/Special: 10
HP (calculated from the others): 0/8

What is the easiest way to get shiny Pokémon?
How do I get a shiny Ditto?

There's no easy way to catch a shiny Pokémon in this game, other than the Red Gyarados you find at the Lake of Rage. If you're playing Crystal, the Odd Egg that you recieve from the Day-Care Man also has a 1-in-8 chance of containing a shiny Pokémon. Apart from getting very lucky (read the above section on what shinies are), the easiest way to get one is to...get lucky. If you breed a shiny Ditto with any compatible Pokémon (check them at the Day-Care Center when you drop them off to make sure the two of them are not "brimming with energy" or "not interested" in each other), there is a 1-in-64 chance that
any Egg they produce will contain a shiny baby. If you have a Red, Blue, or Yellow version you can trade with, there is an easy trick to get you a shiny Ditto for this:

-=The Shiny Ditto Trick=-
To get a shiny Ditto do the following:
1. Trade your shiny Gyarados (from the Lake of Rage) to a Red/Blue/Yellow version
2. Teach the Mimic TM to your Gyarados
3. Trade it back to G/S/C
4. Delete every move on your Gyarados (except Mimic, this ensures your chances of the Ditto not using another attack)
5. Trade your Gyarados back to R/B/Y
6. Battle a wild Ditto and use Mimic on Ditto's Transform
7. Ditto will use Transform - now he's a Gyarados
8. Use Transform on him, while he Transforms into you again
9. Capture the Ditto
10. Trade Ditto back to Gold, Silver, or Crystal - the Ditto will now be shiny!
*NOTE - Any Shiny that can learn Mimic in RBY can be used - Gyarados is just the one that everybody encounters.

Breeding this Ditto with a compatible Pokémon gives you a 1-in-64 chance of getting an Egg with a shiny baby inside. And remember: two shiny Pokémon will NEVER breed with each other!
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