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Posted: 6/17/2006 7:10:24 PM
Why shouldn't I use Hyper Beam?
While it is stronger than the Normal-type attacks Double-Edge (power 120), Return (102 at high happiness), Frustration (102 at low happiness), and Body Slam (85), those moves are considered more useful. Double-Edge is the closest in power and has more PP and slightly better accuracy, but will cost you some HP when it hits due to recoil damage. Return and Frustration offer more PP and have slightly better accuracy, with no drawback other than less power. Body Slam is considerably weaker, but has more PP, slightly better accuracy, and a very good chance of paralyzing your opponent - a useful status condition. The big problem with Hyper Beam is that you can't do anything the turn after it hits...your opponent gets a free move, which could cost you dearly. Using any of the "better" moves twice is safer and usually (if not always) more powerful.

Why did the nurse tell my my Pokémon are sick?
What is the Pokérus?

The Pokérus is a beneficial virus. It increases the stat experience gained by infected Pokémon (by 50%), which means that they become stronger more quickly. It spreads from infected party Pokémon to non-infected ones in your party, and goes away if you leave the infected Pokémon in your party for a while (about 1 day). Should you catch it, store an infected Pokémon in your PC. Then take it out only to spread it to other Pokémon - Pokérus cannot be passed on or cured inside the PC. Once a Pokémon has recovered from Pokérus, it cannot pass it on anymore, but it is believed that it maintains the boosted stat experience, Unfortunately, the odds of getting the Pokerus are even lower than your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild is 1 in 21,845. There is no cheat to get it (unless you use a Gameshark).

How do I catch Mew?
How do I catch Celebi?

There is no way to catch Mew or Celebi in GSC without using a Gameshark. However, you can trade over a Mew from RBY using the following trick:

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