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8 years ago#1
i started playing this game yesterday but the file i had on the game said "saved file is corrupted". this is the second game ive had this happen to.... it sucks! have any of you ever gotten this problem fixed? and if so, where did you go to get the problem fixed and approximately how much did it cost? (i'm sorry if this is a stupid question to be asking, but this is one of my favorite games and i just want to see if theres ne way to solve the problem...) thx in advance!!! =)
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8 years ago#2
Your internal battery is dying. There is no where that I know to take it to get it replaced, so you will have to replace it yourself or get someone else to replace it for you. The battery is about $3-5 and you can get one at radio shack. Read the info topic or look at this site for how to replace it:
8 years ago#3
How do you remove the bolt on the back??? Thanks in Advanced.
8 years ago#4
Use tiny pliers. Use the Silver Sticky, as it's more updated that the Crystal one:

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