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Great competitive video here!Moonsummit22/23 7:46AM
hello dead board i just fixed my dead battery in pokemon crystal ask me anythingElixer61/29 2:02PM
Quickest starter?yamilonewolf71/28 9:36AM
Quick Question about traded pokemon
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
gamer75131/15 7:10AM
Just beat Pokemon Crystal today (December 29, 2015) after playing for five days
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
slk_23151/5 9:02AM
Was anybody else really impressed by the number of optional dungeons in Johto?slk_23112/23 12:32PM
ShinyMakoEnergy7777112/15 4:51AM
Do you think G/S/C were held back at all by attempts to accommodate Gen I?slk_23112/2 11:32AM
How do I find Legendary Dogs before they are in the DEX?Borg1982111/26 2:06AM
What does it take for a Shuckle to turn Berry Juice into a Rare Candy?Missingno_Mastr211/23 4:37PM
Lanette's time capsule - an attempt to allow trading between Gens II and IIIslk_23711/10 10:43PM
A question about the internal batteryCastorWilde411/4 6:32PM
I am returning to 2nd generation after 10 years with a poison monotype challengeCagesry510/29 5:06AM
Who is your favorite Johto gym leader?XxAxem_BlackxX310/29 4:59AM
So i just caught a Raikou full health with a great ball right after burnt towersuperh310/3/2015
been headbutting for hours.. no heracrosssuperh69/24/2015
What's the idea behind farming Unown for experience points in the Ruins of Alph?slk_2369/23/2015
a question on breeding growlithevideogamepharoh38/24/2015
Were the Tohjo Falls an allusion to the Niagara Falls between U.S. and Canada?slk_2318/17/2015
an odd question but... does anyone know where the music that used to be here is?videogamepharoh18/14/2015
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