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Can't believe I just realized each Johto gym has a type advantage over the next! (Archived)slk_2331/25 10:31AM
Revisiting Johto - which game to play? (Poll)FrostMeister31/5 3:32PM
Wow, I just realized that none of the Johto gyms overlap types with Kanto gyms! (Archived)slk_23412/21 8:24AM
Totodile evolves into Croconaw, which evolves into Feraligatr (Archived)slk_23312/21 8:22AM
Is it possible to play this on an original game boy? (Archived)adzix212/2 11:10PM
Aipom or Granbull? (Archived)TheMostPwned211/28 4:41PM
so, what is your gen 2 team like? (Archived)lloyd011719/29 5:56PM
Was the beginning Ice Path puzzle too difficult in Gold/Silver? (Poll)slk_2359/28 12:29AM
Sign here in this topic if whitney's Miltank destroyed you when you were a kid. (Archived)pigfish9978/25/2014
Do you think that Gen II succeeded in making the Psychic-type less broken? (Poll)slk_2378/3/2014
Crystal Team (Archived)jared625257/22/2014
The only thing missing from Crystal... (Archived)_VeeD_16/19/2014
Glitch @ Eurika Gym? Not able to fight - teleported to start - Stuck for days. (Archived)Hawkoholic85/17/2014
Save file deleted randomly (Archived)Raijectra35/11/2014
how important is speed on a blissey? (Archived)videogamepharoh24/13/2014
Pokemon Gold/Silver in 3D VIRTUAL REALITY using the Oculus Rift! (Archived)slk_2324/13/2014
how important is speed on lugia? (Archived)videogamepharoh104/12/2014
Did Game Freak ever confirm that they developed Crystal using Gold as a basis? (Archived)slk_2324/12/2014
Looking for a Gameshark code (Archived)SSJ2__Gohan34/4/2014
Breeding question (Archived)PaulMalucciMD43/26/2014
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