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Battery Replacement Services (Archived)iannono4691026/10/2013
Question about Crystal's cardboard box (Archived)RockinX36/7/2013
I can get ALL Pokemon between (English) Blue, Gold, and Crystal, right? (Archived)Ghetsis26/5/2013
What is the best Grass-type attack in this generation? (Archived)Ghetsis46/5/2013
Is battling 6 Lv 100 Blissey in the Trainer House the best way to get experience (Archived)slk_2325/30/2013
Does anybody here have piano sheet music for these games? (Archived)slk_2325/29/2013
Not that big of a deal, but why did Game Freak make Pokemon orange in the PCs? (Archived)slk_2335/28/2013
Where to find a good map for the game? (Archived)ButtercupSaiyan25/18/2013
Wrong Info (Archived)Fennyariel65/16/2013
Why is it that when I try to trade to another game it says... (Archived)ridleyslayer2335/12/2013
trying to get Pichu from the odd egg... (Archived)ruby_sauce105/10/2013
Trading w/ Item Between Crystal and Yellow (Archived)Deus Ex Eve65/9/2013
hidden power grass/dragon 70 good for espeon? (Archived)ruby_sauce45/3/2013
Pokemon Crystal or Gold (Archived)Corn-Fox64/29/2013
one question about breeding with a ditto.. (Archived)ruby_sauce54/28/2013
can I still do the trick to get the three starters? (Archived)arceus_mewtwo24/26/2013
Getting into this game again (Archived)DevilTriggerSSS104/25/2013
2 questions about moves in crystal ... (Archived)ruby_sauce34/25/2013
What's the quickest way to raise happiness? (Archived)Ghetsis64/23/2013
So, two questions real quick.. (Archived)Akamaru_the_cat24/22/2013
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