Problem with the sunken ship treasure (DQ2)

#1OUENDAAANPosted 10/26/2008 1:08:25 PM
I'm playing the Snes version of this, but since the other board's dead I figured it would be better to just ask here.

Just wondering, after you get the ship you're supposed to get the treasure going north of the same city where you get it, it's gonna be marked as a shining spot. Well, I can't find it ANYWHERE, and I've followed the right cordinates and even compared them to the PNG maps on the FAQs. Still, there's no shining spot anywhere. =/

What happened? Am I REALLY supposed to get this right after getting the ship, or is it for some time later? Might be a problem of my emulator?
Please, help. =/
#2OUENDAAAN(Topic Creator)Posted 10/26/2008 4:10:58 PM
Forget it, figured it out already. Turns out I had to talk to a man with a turbant on the DQ1 city... well, I did talk to him, but I forgot to see what he said if I chose "Yes". XD

The FAQ I was following never mentioned this detail. Oh well...