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7 years ago#1
Anyone knows a reason for Twisted Metal: Black having twisted stories with its characters? You know, the baby who Preacher is supposingly "exorcising" seems to be the son of Billy Ray Stillwell and his wife, but that doesn't just match! Billy Ray was killed by the Preacher in that story, but we all know Junkyard Dog is driven by Billy Ray, so how come we have Billy Ray and Preacher in the same contest? The very participation of Preacher in the contest should have mean Billy Ray was dead. After all, wasn't for getting rid of the demon who killed those people (including Billy Ray) the reason Preacher got into Twisted Metal? So, it doesn't match. And what with Preacher into the story of Sweet Tooth? Not impossible, but... The Preacher that Sweet Tooth met was like a... well... someone who fought evil and was not part of it, seems strange, they could've used another priest for cursing Sweet Tooth.

And the deaths? Sweet Tooth died, by Axel and Charlie Kane, but in the latter's ending, Calypso said Sweet Tooth would be the perfect successor for him. So... How come Calypso let Axel kill Sweet Tooth? We all know Calypso isn't trustworthy, if he doesn't want to make your wish come true, he will set up some kind of trap for you, based on your own wish. I can't even say he was expecting the winner of the contest to be his succesor, because some of the characters aren't all evil and some are even depressed beings (like Axel himself). And if Charlie Kane killed Sweet Tooth, it must have been on the battlefield, since no other specific moment was shown to us, but all the characters appears multiple times on multiple stages, so how can you tell a certain one is dead?

As a matter of fact, can Calypso really die? I mean, he was killed many times through multiple endings, from Twisted Metal 1 until Black, and he always emerges alive again, in the next game. Also, he has some godlike powers. He can capture anyone you wish for, can make you go back in time and can even know you better than yourself. Sweet Tooth killed he again in Twisted Metal: Black, and can someone so powerful die so easily? Calypso captured Sweet Tooth on Axel's ending, so why not do it for saving his own life? And he didn't even asked Sweet Tooth to be his successor. Holy crap, I can understand nothing!

Is someone there capable of understanding this whole mess? Is there a official ending for the game, based on one single character? Or it is just pure fantasy and a "pick the one you like most" thing?

Sorry about my english, I'm not a native speaker/writer/whatever.
7 years ago#2
And the deaths? Sweet Tooth died, by Axel and Charlie Kane, but in the latter's ending, Calypso said Sweet Tooth would be the perfect successor for him

Not Sweet Tooth. The kid who was controlling Charlie.
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7 years ago#3
I need to check this on. I'm playing on "challenge" mode for a long time, don't remember exactly the story. But I think Calypso said something about Sweet Tooth being the perfect choice. Alas, he was dead and the son of Charlie Kane would do it.
7 years ago#4
^ that's exactly right.
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7 years ago#5
So do you guys think that kid will be sweet tooth in the next game (him being like a teenager?);
"can you read my son?" "well that depends, can you go **** yourself?"
7 years ago#6
I'm not sure if this will happen. As we can decode from Minion, the "black world" is just a dream from Sweet Tooth, so the main story may be just a spin-off from the real one. And Twisted Metal doesn't handle well its story; what happened in the last game almost never carries on to the next one.

Also, will they really make a sequel for Black? They tried Harbor City, but they didn't complete it. I do even believe the story of plane crash and death of key members is a fake one. C'mon, a plane crash and no news report about it? Plane crashes always result on news report, I think even if a rc plane crashes it will be noticed. If someone knows any proof there really was this plane crash, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll just keep thinking the game wasn't on par with TM: Black (or the programmers ran off of ideas) and it was scraped off, with the lame excuse of the plane crash.

So, I don't feel like having a sequel for Twisted Metal Black. I just think it won't come out. By the look of the "clown nuke" advertisement, I guess it will be like the classic one, since Black's ads had a "dark" feeling in them.
7 years ago#7
You guys are thinking that all the endings happened, and trying to link them all together. In every twisted metal game, each ending 'could' have happened, and there are faint links between game endings.
Technically, only one ending from each game could have happened, as each game represents the annual round of twisted metal that calypso holds etc.
However any character that you play could have won, so that explains why there are all the different endings.

As for the new TM game that Eat Sleep Play are working on atm, I think that they will strike a balance between black and the older games. With the capabilities of the PS3, they'll pull it off I reckon. Looking at the clown nuke advertisement, I think the world will be duller, but not necessarily darker. The cars will be more realistic (like in TM black where all the weapons are build into the cars) however the stories will not be as dark as black, but may still contain black humor.
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7 years ago#8
none of the endings actually happen in any of the twisted metal games. its all in sweetooths mind.
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