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User Info: sixxgun1

5 years ago#1
Okay, so i picked up a copy of twisted metal black and i wanted to play it. When i actually got around to playing it i played a couple of hours and turned it off. Next time i try playing im playing in the junkyard and when i get down to the 5th car it freezes. i thought it was because i kept using god mode, and just deleted the profile to make a new one. So i play it again and it still freezes on me. i tried different characters and different modes but it still doesnt work. I takeout the game and pretty much see that the disc has a perfect deep ring scratch. I get it cleaned and it works twice, so i play it again then i cant even load up the map anymore! And the disc was scratched up again. what do i do?

User Info: darktoothxo

5 years ago#2

Not much you can do other than get another copy :\

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