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4 years ago#1
I heard this was on psn for 9.99, or for free if you got an earlyish copy of the new Twisted metal on ps3. But when I search for it in the store....I can't find it. Did they take it down? Why? I want to play this game.
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4 years ago#2
The new Twisted Metal that came with Twisted Metal Black was a limited edition, so they don't plan on selling those anymore. You needed some sort of password that came with it, in order to download TMB. The fastest way to find and buy old games is to get a credit card and buy it on ebay.
4 years ago#3
yes but is the only way to download it really on copies of the new TM? Why can't you just buy in on PSN? It doesn't make sense that they would port the game and not sell it.
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