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AK fires fast (Archived)TheBanned GeminiFyre512/23 8:08AM
When did they remove "Half-Life" from the title of this Board / Game? (Archived)Easter Egg46/4/2014
shout out to my boys from the LUE cal team back in da day (Archived)nyrovonn11/24/2014
Code giveaway (Archived)smashthesmurfs112/29/2013
#76 on the Game Conquerors Top 100 (Archived)fiasco86111/16/2013
Bruh, did you even get banned from fun maps? (Archived)net982210/23/2013
I'll one v one any one any time, I was the king of funmaps and I still am (Archived)N0__Camping4U18/24/2013
Does anyone here still play? (Archived)Unnamed Hobo48/15/2013
Since when is it not called Half-Life: Counter-Strike? (Archived)Easter Egg27/26/2013
About that old gamefaqs movie that Jastone was talking about (Archived)jay031243/15/2013
any of the old school guys still drop by here? LUE pub, LL cal team (Archived)nyrovonn11/31/2013
Is anyone alive here? I found my original Half-Life Platinum Box (Archived)Easter Egg110/17/2012
Anybody still have a product code? (Archived)RPGNinja12339/6/2012
Getting back into 1.6 and i noticed... (Archived)vAriX2896/28/2012
Grats fnatic (Archived)chimichanga XD16/18/2012
Does anyone know of any servers that run fy_xxx maps? (Archived)vertigo_ea16/4/2012
Does anyone that used to play on LUE - Funmaps still come here? (Archived)
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Easter Egg115/4/2012
installed counter-strike after like 5+ years (Archived)CrimZinShaDoW15/2/2012
Need a ringer for clan match quick (Archived)King_Michal33/6/2012
my cs 1.6 wont download maps i dont have (Archived)WarioWitAShotty32/6/2012
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