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8 years ago#1
Me and a buddy of mine just started playing.

The deal is, I am going to mine and then eject the ore, and he will cart it back to a station and sell it.

What are the best ships for both of us?
8 years ago#2
Aim for a mining barge (start with a Retriever, proceed to a Covetor and then to a Hulk). For hauling it doesn't really matter what you use so long as it's an industrial ship. If your hauling character is Gallente, skip the Iteron I and II. If you're Caldari, go directly for the Badger Mk. II. If you're Minmatar, ignore the Wreathe, get a Hoarder and continue training until you can fly a Mammoth. If you're Amarr your only option is the Bestower and that's a decent hauler. The Gallente Iteron Mk. V has the largest capacity of all haulers but it takes a while to train for one.
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8 years ago#3
We are caladari.

I think I am going for the osprey and he is going for the Badger MK II.

For now anyway.
8 years ago#4
The Osprey is fine to start with but if you're serious about mining you'll want a mining barge as soon as possible.
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-To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
8 years ago#5
App1345 and his friend . are yall names on EVE are appl000 and appl 003?
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8 years ago#6
No mine is App134 (feel free to send me a message).
8 years ago#7
I think he means app13.
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8 years ago#8
This is my recommendation, but it is not gospel.

Train up to Caldari Cruiser 4 while using the osprey. It's a good ship and you should keep with it.

Then train up Caldari Battleship to level 3, minimum. This is so you can fly the rokh. The rokh is the hands down best non-ORE mining ship in the game and can even out-mine many ORE ships.

Once you can fly the rokh, put 8 T2 mining lasers on it, equip it with 2-3 mining laser upgrades, and field 5 T1, preferably T2, medium combat drones for defense (mining 4, mining upgrades 3, drones 5, scout drone op 5, gallente/amarr/caldari/minmatar drone spec. 2 depending on flavor of drone) then start training to fly mining barges and exhumers.

Do not switch from the rokh until you can fly a hulk. That will require you to train astrogeology 5, industry 5, mining barge 5, and exhumer level 3. The coveter can out-mine the rokh but by the time you can fly a coveter you're days away from flying a hulk and it would be a waste of money for a ship who's ability to survive is significantly inferior.

Now, if your buddy wants to maximize the "hauling" role you should urge him to train up for flying an orca. The orca will require astrogeology 3, mining barge 5, mining foreman 5, mining director 1, leadership 1, spaceship command 5, and industrial command ship 1 to fly. The orca will also have a lot of cargo room, a corporate hangar where you can dump ore into directly so you don't have to risk it being stolen with jet cans, and can fit mining gang mods to help boost your mining rate/yield and range.

It can also, incidentally, field a far heavier tank than any industrial ship meaning that if you're willing to risk the PvP you could both be mining in low-sec or 0.0 and not have to worry about the local NPCs killing you, though I'm not terribly sure I'd recommend it since you guys would likely be a homing beacon for pirates.

Now these are just my suggestions so feel free to take them, leave them, or modify them to suit yoru needs/desires. Just bear in mind that I've been mining with 3 accounts at a time using battleships, barges, coveters, and various industrial ships and that while training battleships to mine before going for ORE ships is unconventional it's worth it.

Plus when you get tired of mining you could take that rokh, or a raven since you could fly it and probably afford it after enough mining, and go run missions with it while your friend loots/salvages behind you.
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8 years ago#9

Your recommendation is good, but requires lots of money in the long run.

You guys should find a corp, establish a rapport, and befriend people til you have so many friends that they'll buy you an Orca. :)
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8 years ago#10
Not all that much money.

Osprey's 2-3m, maybe 4. A rokh's down to 126m, the hulk to around 92.5m, and the orca's at 550-560m now.

You could mine enough for a rokh using an osprey in a couple weeks, the same amount of time it'd take to train the skills to fly one. With a rokh you can easily mine 2-3m/hour if not closer to 4 and it'll take 1-2 months to train for the hulk. Even if you only mine 10 hours/week that's almost double what you'd need after a month.

The orca's the really big ticket purchase, especially considering skill costs, but that's more of a "if you really want to maximize things" option than a "here's what you should do" option, especially since an iteron 5 is more than enough for a mining operation involving anything under 5 or so hulks.

Really the worst move here'll be going from osprey to rokh but it'd be worth it, especially if his friend also trains caldari cruiser and flies the osprey in a support role.
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