When should one buy an alt?

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7 years ago#1
I technically have the capacity to make enough for two plexes a month, but it would leave me with little buffer against losing my ship, and I can't really have much fun with a small wallet. Anyway, should I buy an alt for the sole purpose of making money (lvl IV mission runner), then eventually use him to finance both my characters and any future alts? I am 4 months into the game, and I've been training my main in support (logistics), sub-battleship skills (working on t2/t3 cruisers), and soeme industrial (transport ships). I've been toying with the idea of a trader/manufacturer aly, so I would want one of those, but I would expect that it would take a while until he could make enough money.

I see all these players with like 5-10 alts, and I'm wondering if I'm not wasting my time training my main in a variety of area instead of just training an alt in each major area of the game. Any input would be appreciated.
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7 years ago#2
Before plexes I used to pay certain trusted players ISK to pay for those accounts. It worked out fine but at about triple what a plex costs now.

When you can afford an alt, you should get an alt. They are a brilliant investment.
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7 years ago#3
if you are training you main character for logistics why not join a wormhole corp? they often look for this kind of skill set in potential recruits, and carebearing in whs can pay out very nicely
7 years ago#4
MY corp is actually converting to wormhole ops, so my logistics is working out well. I don't think that I would want to leave my corp anyhow. We are somewhat tight-knit by a common event that happened in game a few months ago (may seem *** but oh well). So, barrowhite, you recommend that I purchase an alt as soon as time and isk permits? What should I focus the training on?
Another idea I had was the spy/sniper being able to climb into the soldier's rocket launcher and be launched across the map, dealing more damage, but no splash.
7 years ago#5
The people with 5-10 alts have 3 on one account and only train research/manu skills then stop and just sit them by a POS they own themselves. Or have them all spread out in the empire to play the different market hubs.

If you're thinking about getting a new char and want to start making the money now you could buy a character from the character selling forums which is completely allowed by CCP. It'd probably run you 1-2B for a decently skill character but it'd save you months of training time and let you make the money now instead of waiting and you can have it transferred to your current account so you won't even need to pay for 2 accounts (although you won't be able to train both at the same time).

If you want to make a character yourself from scratch I'd recommend Caldari and then work yourself up to piloting a Raven, Raven Navy, and finally Golem. Its pretty much the best Mission runner boat and one of the easiest to get the skills for and fit right. Just remember to send yourself a subscription email so you can get a 21-day trial and save yourself some money on the first month.
7 years ago#6
If you want a level 4 mission runner simply purchase a Raven character with about 8-15 million skill points, perferably one that has maxed out shield and capacitor skills, Battleship V, able to use T2 cruiser and siege launchers. You can further train some trading skills on this alt and play the markets in local mission hub as you are running missions. If you make it run missions for one of NPC corps with datacore agents you should also train relevant science skills to start research jobs with them. Manufacturing and hauling skills I would train on your character that will go and live in the wormhole. You corp will probably need to start making things like drones and ammunition, may be even ships. Then you can help them out with it using your wormhole char. In addition to logistics skills I would train scan probing skills on it and perhaps POS gunnery on it.

Having more alts will place greater stress on your play time. You will find that you'll have to become more organized in how you play to sqeeze max profit out of them. This ranges from such simple things as the fact that they will accumulate assets here and there that you will have to keep track of to things like having to plan ISK-making projects, research ship setups, make skills plans, and so on, for multiple characters now not just one.

If you have something like 3 accounts with 9 trained characters on each you can accomplish projects like this one: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1228801
This guy made 100 billion ISK in a single month suiciding battleships and gathering the difference between build cost and insurance payout from them. He was able to do it because he ran 6 manufacturing alts that were constantly producing the bs for him. But then notice how he says that he works from home so he also has the time to oversee big scale mulit-alt operations like this one. If you are more of a casual player, somebody with demanding work/school schedule, having 1 or 2 alts will be quite enough.
7 years ago#7
Thanks a lot Phyndz and vonkaverpel for the input, although I am nowhere near being able to make 1B isk to buy such a character. Also, I feel somewhat cheap buying an already trained character as opposed to training him up from creation myself, but I'll look into it. I would have made my character go up to the Golem, but the other skills you mention would seem like a good addition. I do have probing skills, and I will work on Anchoring V for the POS gun control around January. I still think I'm too new to really be as effective as possible with my characters, but I also don't want to make my main character have a bunch of low level skills instead of a small amount of high level skills. Time to go check out that forum you mentioned...
Another idea I had was the spy/sniper being able to climb into the soldier's rocket launcher and be launched across the map, dealing more damage, but no splash.
7 years ago#8
I've been taking econ this semester so bear with me as I apply some of that to your current situation. If you want a better comparison between your choices you should look at it in terms of the hidden opportunity costs as well as the apparent financial costs (such as the 1-2b to buy a char) you can see.

I did a quick evemon plan for a Golem plan with T2 fittings and it came up to 180 days and this was without supporting skills like engineering, electronics, improved missile skills, and etc. But for simplicities sake lets just say in 6 months time you will have a Golem ready character if you train one yourself. Figure in that Plex's are going for 270m-280m right now and so for 6 plex's that's roughly 1.6B isk.

If you get a char now you can start doing L4's right away instead of waiting the 6 months it takes for you to train a char up. A decent mission runner will at the very least get you 20m/hr for doing L4's but its typically 30m+/hr and even upwards to 40m/hr if you're good. So figure it will take you probably 10-14 hours of gametime each month to farm enough isk to get a plex.

If you're low on isk you could always buy and sell plex's which CCP allows. In terms of real $ if you buy a 6 mo subscription its $71.70 vs $105 for buying 3 ETC's to get 6 plex's.

In the end its your time & money. If you play enough that you can use a mission runner to pay for itself you'll be better off in the long run to get the char now instead of later. I hope this helps with your decision.
7 years ago#9
Thanks, although I don't want to spend real money to bet the funds. I have someone who may be able to loan me the isk.
Another idea I had was the spy/sniper being able to climb into the soldier's rocket launcher and be launched across the map, dealing more damage, but no splash.
7 years ago#10

There is no definitive time on when you should start a 2nd account... (or 6th in my case)

But some advice i would give you if you haven't already thought about it. Use the buddy program. Send yourslf an invite then use the 21day trial to train up the alts learning skills then on 20th day buy a plex in game and activate the account this will give your main 30days free game time.. So basically your alt account will run for 51days before costing a cent/penny/isk...

I have done this with all 6 accounts and it is a massive boost.. As for what you train a 2nd account for consider something that will make money to pay for your pvp/fighting character account and his losses, whether its a builder/miner/scammr anything that can earn isk (you need to get 25mill per day to cover 2 accounts)

Another piece of advice which has served me well running multiple accounts, treat each account seperatly, The way i worked it was to sub the new account with 500mill isk to get it going then after that it has to stand on its own 2 feet.... otherwise you will find tht you are paying for an account that is nothing but a money drain on your original account and you will soon not afford to pay for it using PLEX, the only account i dont run seperatly is my pvp guy, he is subbed by another toon who can make 200>400mill per night if i work hard.

Finally to answer your oriiginal post do it when you can afford it! I know plenty of people who only run 1 account but on other hand i know plenty of people like myelf who run 4+ accounts (not alts but seperate accouns) I will agree to what a previous poster has said, when you run multiple accounts its a good way to see all that eve has to offer, because you can take that toon in completly different directions to your main, the only thing i would suggest is never try 'n' pvp with 2 toons its hard work at best and impossible at worst in fleets...

Hope there was some help in my wall of text and good luck.

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