Any word on the new modules?

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Huh I thought it was a shield thing...

Shows how much I've been playing
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Here's an informative post on the official forumsif you can unscramble it:

Cyc Lilith wrote:
Cycletime ist 10 sec (overloaded 8.5 sec) it adapts around 1% each cycle. I#m a bit disappointed because each time the modul was inactive the resists reseting and the Capusage of 42 GJ make it hard to keep it permanet running with ships smaller then BS, special when u get neuted - diferent to an Invul u cant just switch it when u get primaried an deactivate it afterwards till the next time - this modul have to run all the time or its just worse than a EANM - anyway, as long as there is no T2 version i would always prefer a ENAM II, in addition the EANM benefits from the compensationsksills, the reactive hardener not.

And also some other key points of this module...

It takes 2.5 minutes to fully adapt - and once it's fully adapted to a damage type (60% resistance), it will not adapt to any other damage types UNLESS you turn the module off and back on again - which resets the resistances and you'll have to wait 2.5 minutes to adapt to a new damage type. This is particularly useless in PVP as it only takes 10 seconds for ammo to be changed (missiles and projectiles).

Pretty fail module if you ask me.
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sounds like a carebear module to me