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5 years ago#1
So I was in the Widda's Cavern. In that safe haven where the 3 soldiers are located.

Does that one soldier you give the egg to eat the other soldiers?

The reason I ask: during my first playthrough years ago, I killed him as he stood at the door without realizing you could give him an egg.

I've just beaten it. But I noticed after giving him the egg and leaving, he lets you into the cell and seems human again. Am I missing something here?

This piques my interest because now I feel like going back into the game and killing him off as soon as you see him. Then I would check and see what happens to the other 2 soldiers.
5 years ago#2
I always assumed that he ate the other soldiers. If you kill him before his transformation without giving him an egg, then you will miss out on a flask. I never tried killing him while the other soldiers were alive, but now that you mentioned it, I feel like starting a new game and finding out if the other soldiers survive!
5 years ago#3
I'll use gameshark codes to get that far (its near the end of the game) and post my results.

These kinds of things are what makes king's field so legendary to me.

For the longest time, I thought killing david bunch with the moonlight sword would do something spectacular.
5 years ago#4
alright, so i killed him off after speaking with all 3 of them, then plowed through the widda castle and killed the queen. Then I grabbed the lawful blade, ran to the egg field and saved.

After that I walked back up through the castle and to the 'safe haven.'

Sure enough, they were still alive.

But now something else is bothering me: where is the 5th wand? The room containing the wands of passage is called the "room of 5 wands" and throughout the game we only receive 4. What gives?
5 years ago#5
Nevermind, I got the violet wand and key. They were in the jail at the endgame.

A few notes though:

if you don't trade the rock of life, he never shows up in the king's mausoleum or treasury --does that mean you can retrieve the crystal armor for free? I'll check at some point.

It seems like the main character should have some decency and tell the Genne family that their husband/father was the one who found the rock of life, we merely pilfered it from his corpse before trampling him on the way out.

This game is rife with spelling/grammar errors. I think I'll need to play the JP version next.

David Bunch says he'll pay handsomely for a rock of life, then offers a pitiful 600 coins.

That one knight who is tracing that symbol on the floor with his spear near the craftsman's room -- what is the significance of that symbol?

The timeline -- there's no way these guys have been sitting around for 5+ years.
the expedition was 5 years ago and there's a guy sitting on a rock
5 years ago#6
Did the soldiers that survived say anything new or different when you returned? A friend of mine did not trade the rock of life for a crystal vial at the beginning of the game and the trader moved on to the mausoleum and missed the vial, so I'm not sure if you can get crystal armor for free, but that would be awesome if you could!
5 years ago#7
If you kill the cannibalistic soldier you don't get the crystal vial. Of course by that time, one vial isn't that big a deal. The crystal vial is a lot more important at the beginning of the game. Especially if you are a magic user like me.
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5 years ago#8
Remember the solder that is sitting outside the passageway to the Widda Castle. He lost his sword. I have tried giving him one of mine (I have a whole bunch by then), but he won't take it.
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5 years ago#9
Barkita posted...
Remember the solder that is sitting outside the passageway to the Widda Castle. He lost his sword. I have tried giving him one of mine (I have a whole bunch by then), but he won't take it.

I think that guy's just a coward who's using his "sword" as an excuse not to go into the widda's nest.

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