Collecting all the equipment and rare items

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4 years ago#1
I started playing the game again to get all the items, but according to the kings field site

The equipment I am missing include:
1 of the 3 leather boots
1 of the 4 gauntlets
1 of the 2 crusader helms

The descriptions of the ones I have are:
Boots often used by travelers.
Boots that provide minor defense, but have great durability.
Iron gloves used by soldiers.
Iron gloves that protect the forearm.
Gloves made of tempered metal that is light for their degree of defense.
Exceptional crafted helmet exclusively for holy crusaders.

The information in the site seems to claim that Leather Boots are dropped by a Widda in South Level 3 and a Zombie miner in the poison pools of the Mines.
It also shows that Gauntlets will drop from a skeleton in the graveyard guarding the Icon of Healing.
I feel like I got both Crusader helms in a previous save file.

Of the rare items collected I have:
15 Dragon Flowers
14 Forest Fruits
29 Earth Stones
5 Power Seeds
4 Widda Needles
Not sure if some of those are actually unlimited.

This board is not dead.
4 years ago#2
Well I just found the helmet (behind a stone tablet near kings throne) and gauntlet (examine a gravestone), now to find this third set of leather boots.
4 years ago#3
Dang, I just found everything I missed in just a few hours. Good thing this game never deletes enemy drops, because I found boots in the paneled poison pools in the beginning of the game. Now that I found all the equipment in this game, my life is complete. If anyone else tries to do this, the forest shoes and the dark defiler are likely the hardest to get.
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