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Am I the only guy playing this game in the world right now? (Archived)
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Have FROM ever announced why they hated analog control? (Archived)NateRose8926/27/2013
Shadow Skin is worth leveling up as soon as you reach the Holy Forest. (Archived)The moonlight knight44/28/2013
Started a new game. (Archived)
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The moonlight knight183/15/2013
The poison slimes are causing me great trouble. (Archived)realworksuks52/18/2013
The forest folk secret? Spoilers (Archived)realworksuks51/30/2013
TravelDemon plays King's Field: the Ancient City (Archived)
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Getting the Dark Defiler? Spoiler (Archived)Barkita511/21/2012
Crusader Plate. (Archived)Barkita111/19/2012
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Leveling up spells. Tips. (Archived)Crimson681411/17/2012
Thinking About Picking This Up (Archived)
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Tips for starting out? (Archived)casedawgz17/27/2012
Collecting all the equipment and rare items (Archived)gwogwogwo37/21/2012
This board, this game's memory, can't die! (Archived)Eternal_SorrowX25/7/2012
Picked this up for $3.99 today (Archived)DbHK64/8/2012
Just started a new game after a few years and have some questions... (Archived)OutlawDino73/25/2012
How long is this game? (Archived)teddylee83/13/2012
Wow, the official Prima guide for this game could really be much better. (Archived)Earthbound_X63/13/2012
Using your fist as a weapon? (Archived)
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