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How long is this game? (Archived)teddylee83/13/2012
Wow, the official Prima guide for this game could really be much better. (Archived)Earthbound_X63/13/2012
Using your fist as a weapon? (Archived)
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Do you need the moonlight sword to finish the game? (Archived)SupremumInfimum912/22/2011
Unlocking the Altar to where the giant spider is (Archived)manta53612/2/2011
Widda? *spoiler* (Archived)Gryffulator911/19/2011
I can't use my crystal vial at the water fountain in the spider boss room (Archived)jdinatale4732710/20/2011
Beat it, what next? (Archived)RPGMatt29/28/2011
Those playing right now (Archived)
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Able to Play on PS3? (Archived)TheHolyKight37/8/2011
question for the @zzz[]X:::::::::::::::> guys (Archived)Citan2256/2/2011
King's Field challenge! (Archived)Dragin_Master14/2/2011
WTB new kings field (Archived)Dragin_Master23/31/2011
Finally played and beat it again. (Archived)MerrilUr32/22/2011
hrm.. i can't find the buyable wind crystal (Archived)Divinehero72/18/2011
Beat the game, have a few questions (spoilers) (Archived)JillSandwich12342/15/2011
I liked this game more than Demon's Souls (Archived)Mr_Zurkon_8882/9/2011
This PS3 model can not play PS2 fomat games.... (Archived)rep_HC512/30/2010
Difficulty compared to Demon's Souls? (Archived)caramel_cod311/17/2010
Working on FAQ, wondering if there was still a community... (Archived)
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