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Difficulty compared to Demon's Souls? (Archived)caramel_cod311/17/2010
Working on FAQ, wondering if there was still a community... (Archived)
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New to the series and new to the game. Just one little question. (Archived)Amnekian510/20/2010
Anyone have the PAL version? (Archived)Zuare38/17/2010
green wand and stone hypothetical question (Archived)AlbertWeskerUMB47/29/2010
center tower 3F/2F/1F+ questions (Archived)megamagicmaniac26/27/2010
Alrighty, beat the game... (Archived)RPGMatt76/14/2010
Keystone locations...anyone? (Archived)zeigzero25/31/2010
The big magic door in the center tower (Archived)RPGMatt55/18/2010
greatgrave yard... how do i enter it? (Archived)AtomicCraze24/22/2010
Thought of buying this, but (Archived)
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Dark Defiler (Archived)Hotsuma_San84/5/2010
what do y'all think the odds of seeing a KF5 are? (Archived)
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I just had an idea regarding how the series could be saved and brought back. (Archived)
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Bought this at Gamestop despite its 56% rating at GameRankings (Archived)
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how do you do the weapon magic with the earthquake (Archived)Belmont22032/20/2010
Need some help with the moonlight sword (Archived)Belmont22042/15/2010
purple skeleton heads (Archived)catfisher9122/10/2010
Markers? (spoilers??) (Archived)dafeedil51/20/2010
*HELP* Weapons repair time ? (Archived)Crawler3333612/30/2009
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