Missed the Blackbird quest

#1DiuCaditPosted 6/22/2009 6:04:33 AM
Can a Thief not get the Blackbird quest if he courts Elsa? She did not invite me to go get the Blackbird with her either time she came to my room at night and I slept in the inn every single night of the game. Also is there any point to the Chief Thief betting game? I won the game with bets, but didn't get the Blackbird (and presumably no other thief got it), but was not declared Chief at the end of the game. And since I didn't get the bird I had to let Elsa be king so Ferrari wouldn't ruin my reputation. I guess if I ever play again as a Thief I'll have to go after Nawar. I got the Blackbird quest from Elsa when I courted Nawar the last time I played this game like 10 years ago.

I missed 2 other things as well. I didn't get the seeds for the inn from Julanar. Annoying how you can only get them by saying "Goodbye" after a particular conversation thread that only appears once during the game.

And I missed getting the info from Ugarte and seeing him get attacked. It's weird how if you miss him that night he basically disappears from the game and you never hear from him again or find out something happened to him, but yet he still bets in the Chief Thief game for another week or two until he is forced to fold.

It was disappointing missing the Blackbird quest and not becoming Chief Thief. Marrying Elsa was small consolation.