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6 years ago#1
I sold this game a long time ago. I don't even remember if I beat it. I think I had beaten the final boss, but I might not have gotten all the witch keys or whatever to go to the secret area in each level. Now I finally got this game again and I will be playing it for the first time in a long time. (I actually did start playing this game a few months ago but the game kept screwing up at the end of an ice/fire level. I think it was called Freezerburn.)

In this topic I will be chronicling my progress of the game. If anyone happens to find this, read and enjoy! There will be spoilers! Hopefully the game doesn't mess up like last time.
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6 years ago#2
Level 1: Cleopactra

The very easy start to the game. This level introduces you to how the game works. In case you don't know, you get stars for collecting things in the level: 1 star for beating it, 1 star for all the pac-dots, and 1 star for all the fruit. Navigate your way through the maze, collecting the fruit and such, to get to the end.

I will probably not be very specific in my descriptions of the levels (because no one will see this) unless something gave me trouble or I remember something significant from the first time I played it when I was much younger. I also just want to be able to play through the level without having to worry about writing stuff down.

I beat the level easily. I finished with 351/408 dots, all but 1 fruit, and 19690 points.
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6 years ago#3
Level 2: Mummy Dearest

This level introduces TNT crates, which can blow up stuff, notably steel blocks. Also introduced is the magic carpet, which you can ride to different parts of the level.

I got 251/252 dots and all but 1 fruit. Score was 22,250 points.
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6 years ago#4
Level 3: Temple of Dots

There's a whole section of this level dedicated solely to getting a fruit. It's entirely optional, but considering that I'm trying to get 100% I did it. There was some backtracking, like a point where I had to go to the next area, get the yellow key, then go back to the previous area to open the yellow door and get the fruit. There was also a part where you could continue on without using a recently acquired key, but I remembered that you had to use that key at an earlier place.

This level marks the first level that I got everything first time through!

385/385 dots
All fruit
Score: 26590

A new multiplayer map has opened up.
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6 years ago#5
Level 4: Crystal Caves

This is the first ice level of the game. I got all the fruits well before the end of the level. Usually you get all the fruits at about the same time as the end of the level.

376/376 dots
All fruit
Score: 28900

A new multiplayer map as opened up. In the words of the game...

Wow! You are cool!
New multiplayer map opened!
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6 years ago#6
Level 5: Pacfooticus Stompicus

The first fire level of the game. It started out with fire and lava, and for a little bit of it you had to push ice blocks on the lava to progress. At the end it changed to ice. There was a lot of rolling boulders in this level to dodge. I almost died at the end; I only had a sliver of health left.

366/366 dots
All fruit
Score: 22800

I got a new multiplayer map.
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6 years ago#7
Level 6: Freezer Burn

This is the level that froze up at the end the last time I played this.

Lots of moving platforms in this level, meaning lots of waiting. Also had to use ice blocks to push them in the lava so I could walk over the lava.

Level didn't freeze up. :)

298/300 dots
All but 1 fruit
Score: 23320

This post also marks the start of me tracking this topic so I don't have to go to my Active Messages every time to post here.
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6 years ago#8
Level 7: Pac Ping Harbor

I haven't done this level in years.

This is a harbor/Chinese themed level, obviously. The first section has dragons running around the path very fast. This level also has a red circle thing where these little dynamite guys come out of and run really fast, but you can blow that up with a TNT box.

There's also some puzzles using TNT. This is the first level that introduces rotating gates.

Beat the level 100% unexpectedly. There was a little backtracking. It was easier than I remember it being.

353/353 dots
All fruit
Score: 29010
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6 years ago#9
Level 8: Year of the Pac

The levels aren't numbered in the game, so that's why I mess up on the numbering if I ever do mess up.

This is the first level that uses TNT as a platform to get to new areas. There are also switches in the level that open a gate but then close it after a certain time limit, usually 8 seconds. That part was at the end of the level.

207/207 dots
All but 2 or 3 fruit
Score: 23550

Also the game says: What happens if I get more hi-scores?
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6 years ago#10
BONUS: Pier Pressure

This level is not like the others. You are riding a boat and you have to shoot at the ghost ships to get dots and fruit. I died once, but then when I did it again I beat the level 100%.

I've beaten the level twice now, but the level keeps on freezing. I'll come back to this level later.
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