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5 years ago#1
anyone know if there is a new link?
the old helioshost and att ones are dead
5 years ago#2
Hmm, you are right, it is down... I'm currently working on adding Digimon World 2 to my site. While it is far from complete, it might help you out a little bit:

MetalKid's Gaming Resources
5 years ago#3
Actually, it says the account is suspended. I guess if the guy doesn't log into some account management part of the host's site at least once per month, it gets suspended.

"The account has become inactive.
If the control panel of a HelioHost-hosted website is not accessed for a period of one month, the account is declared abandoned. If you are the webmaster of the site, you can visit this page to reactivate your site."
MetalKid's Gaming Resources
5 years ago#4
ya i already look at your stuff, still really incomplete

I think this post will help you with skill rankings and stuff
5 years ago#5
I really used otakukun's site for dna-ing...but since that new FAQ I adapted to that.

Its more difficult but it gets the job done
5 years ago#6
Actually, I'm redoing his skill ranking. I figured out the damage formula, so I'm going back through the game and assigning actual power values to everything. Some of the rankings he did are wrong because there were a few things that affected the damage that he didn't realize.
MetalKid's Gaming Resources
5 years ago#7
After waiting forever, I relocated my web site to http://mysite.verizon.net/ubots/otaku-kun/dw2/
5 years ago#8
Great, it would be bad to lose a great site like yours.
PSN: ReiShingami
5 years ago#9
Isn't it obvious?
5 years ago#10
Oh btw your Site Counter is broken.....

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