Cheapest possible unusual hat?

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User Info: anima456

5 years ago#1
I don't really know how much unusuals cost, so would the cheapest hat be something like Flipped Trilby w/ flies effect?

What would this hat cost with that effect? Also, what would the most expensive be, something like Tossle Cap w/ Sunbeams effect?
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User Info: tailsfan2005

5 years ago#2
The most expensive hat available is probably either a sunbeams or burning Team Captain, if I recall correctly. I know exactly zero about unusuals as I don't own any, but I hear that on the board a lot.
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User Info: anima456

5 years ago#3
Ah yes, Team Captain, forgot about that hat, regular of that is worth something like 5-6 refined, right? Sunbeams on that must cost a bomb.
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User Info: ULT1M4T3SPART4N

5 years ago#4
Most expensive hat ever sold is a Burning Kabuto for $2400 in unusuals/promos/cash. Or a Burning Team Captain they sell for about $2000 on average. Lowest hat is an ugly engy fetti.

User Info: Id_Hyren

5 years ago#5
regular team captain is actually like 7-8 ref

the cheapest unusual would be a confetti low tier hat, like handyman's handle, coupe disaster or something that's ugly. they would go for 1 buds to 1.5 buds(.5 buds = bills)
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

5 years ago#6
I imagine it would be a hat that practically no one likes, with an extremely common effect... Like a Swirling Peace Handyman's Handle or something.
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User Info: Inzanedude

5 years ago#7
Wouldn't Coupe with Fetti be the bottom of the pile?
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User Info: pokedude900

5 years ago#8
Hey, shouldn't a Team Captain with Hearts be especially valuable since it's a Medic with Hearts, or does it not count since people only put it on Soldier, anyway?
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User Info: TectonicImprov

5 years ago#9
Wait, Hats have effects?

User Info: arleas

5 years ago#10

From: TectonicImprov | #009
Wait, Hats have effects?

Unusual hats do... You can't get them from random drops, only from crates (or trades from someone who got it from a crate).
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