who is the best ,or one of the best, tf2 player?

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User Info: btj88

8 years ago#1
just wandering what you think.

User Info: Swarm2004

8 years ago#2
a guy named btj88 was the best soldier i've ever seen.
Best Samus in my neighborhood.

User Info: prideassassin

8 years ago#3
Santa Clause.
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User Info: Mirokuu

8 years ago#4

User Info: Kritzkrieg

8 years ago#5
I watched a video of a Soldier player called Wonderwall.. probably one of the only videos I've ever been impressed by in a game. That guy can aim.
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User Info: Dextrine

8 years ago#6
reptile or wonderwall
Dextrine ScOuT

User Info: yo_dady6

8 years ago#7

User Info: LokiHero2

8 years ago#8


8 years ago#9
One of the best things about TF2, is that it really doesnt matter who gets the most points/kills, its about working together as a team to win. Sure, you can become better at the game, but its not something that leads to rampant trash talking of "ZOMG, DID U C DAT HEADSHOT!" and "Wow, you got totally owned! Killing spree yeah!"
holy crap, you used an apostrophe to make a word plural at least 3 times in that post. that's like cryptonite to me if I was batman - Bako Ikporamee

User Info: feruco

8 years ago#10
If personal skill wasn't a big factor in this game, it wouldn't be as fun.

You really want to find out how good you are? Play arena a lot. You see some amazing plays, just from survival instinct.

Best player I've seen though... some guy named ATF Scoob, played sniper or demo very well. But that was about a year ago now... Damn I've been playing this game for a while.
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  3. who is the best ,or one of the best, tf2 player?

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