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Is there a way to play TF2 without steam?

#1aznbobPosted 10/3/2008 7:21:02 PM
Steam is the reason I can't play, so i was wondering if there was a way to bypass it >_>
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#2ShibiscuitPosted 10/3/2008 7:22:20 PM
buy the cd.
#3Crimson_JesusPosted 10/3/2008 7:22:34 PM
Well, if you want to be a pirate you can play on pirated servers.
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#4StavrosChristosPosted 10/3/2008 7:22:51 PM
Umm no. Steam is like xbox live lol.
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#5miraclematterPosted 10/3/2008 7:25:26 PM
How is Steam stopping you from playing, apart from the obvious answer?
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#6Mage_Of_FlamesPosted 10/3/2008 7:37:18 PM
I know personally, I'm not sure if my computer can run the game so in theory I could be downloading the .iso to try to run it on another server to see if I get decent FPS at min. settings. >_> Suggestions? Now that I actually have money for games I'm quite happy to pay for ones as good as this.
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#7aznbob(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2008 7:41:45 PM
If i try to run anything through steam(TF2, Ventrilo, HL2, Word Document) it crashes my computer. Thats why I was wondering.
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#8crasedmonkeyPosted 10/3/2008 8:02:35 PM
You can create a shortcut to your desktop to run the game (right click on the steam icon and hit create shortcut.)
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#9aznbob(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2008 8:18:00 PM
Still goes through steam though
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#10prideassassinPosted 10/4/2008 2:34:21 AM
Not that I know of. I'd love being able to work in Hammer without going through Steam. They make it a pain in the ass.
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