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Best Arena Server in TF2 History - No crits, limited spectators, 18 slots

#1SargeoffPosted 12/28/2008 12:06:28 AM
A LUElinks Scientologist Arena Experience
Located in Chicago and therefore good for anyone in North America.

I am the actual server owner and operator so I can answer and address any complaints or suggestions you have.

We use mapchooser instead of a set rotation. Maps appearing on the polls are

Basically we test custom maps extensively before putting them on the polls. Custom maps have to be playable by all classes with the potential of success without blatant overpowering at the same time before they go on the polls. We have a plethora of other custom maps as well accessible via rock the vote. If you want to download the custom maps, you can do so in game from fast hosting or from my hosting directly right now,

Summary of server
- 9v9 when full, usually between 2v2 and 7v7 though
- All talk is on to allow trash talk / friendly banter like in all LL servers. IT DOES NOT PREVENT STRATEGY NO MATTER WHAT MISCONCEPTIONS YOU HAVE.
- We have a lot of mods so anyone spamming HLSS or more importantly, "ghosting" - speccing while dead to tell their alive teammates what to do - is not cool and will be dealt with. But the horror stories you hear about admin abuse on servers totally doesn't happen here. Any more.
- I've heard the skill level of the server is among the best for 24/7 arena servers. I can't truly confirm/deny but I will say I rack up kills ridiculously easily on Q Arena and not so much here.

So yeah come play since we kick ass.
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#2Sargeoff(Topic Creator)Posted 12/28/2008 12:07:50 AM
oh, the comment about Q Arena was when it was 12v12. I heard it's smaller now, haven't played it since the change so I dunno if the level of play changed too.
San Jose Sharks ('09 Stanley Cup Champions) 27-7
SJ loses 6-0 "sweet man" SJ wins 5-0 "douchebag ***s"
#3SorrySleepingPosted 12/28/2008 12:08:30 AM
Please tell me you aren't anything like eGO and I will join you guys.
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#4PlaywithknivesPosted 12/28/2008 12:18:46 AM
They're nothing like eGO.
#5Dante200XPosted 12/28/2008 12:27:44 AM
LUE is eGO lite
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#6DanHarrison680Posted 12/28/2008 12:35:38 AM
Nothing like eGO. On average, it's probably the most skilled 'pub' I've played in.
#7Meatwad_manPosted 12/28/2008 1:22:50 AM
Hilarious times have been had in there.

But some people are asses, though.
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#8Caspian30Posted 12/28/2008 1:34:00 AM
Q Arena is back up to 24 players, but they are having issues with the full teams plugin.

Also, the TF2 Arena Group (Arena in General)

<3 LUElinks SAE!
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#9bobblyheadPosted 12/28/2008 1:47:39 AM
Totally awesome map made by the guy that made cp_junction, cp_oilfield, and cp_egypt. Add it already, so I can play it with you guys tomorrow (ingame name is |Cerious|, by the way).
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#10Caspian30Posted 12/28/2008 1:50:30 AM
I believe Sargeoff plans to add it tomorrow evening :)
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