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Ways to make the game run faster

#1GR4ND_STR4NDEDPosted 3/21/2009 7:51:29 AM
So I had this game on the 360 for a while and loved it, and since the PC version is pretty much an upgrade from that, I decided to get it. It doesn't run too badly on my computer (lowest settings) but can get choppy in some of the more intense battles of the game. If anyone has a way that helped them to get this fantastic game running better, I would be happy to hear it.

#2DevilMage2112Posted 3/21/2009 7:55:28 AM
well other then buy a better video card, you could probably get one for about 40 bucks that would let you run the game at decent settings.
#3ShinraDronePosted 3/21/2009 7:56:05 AM
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#4GR4ND_STR4NDED(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2009 8:02:26 AM
Everything's in the recommended range, except for the graphics card, which is some crappy intel. Im planning on buying a new one sometime soon, but until I get the money i would still like to play the game without it looking like a fragging flip book on the highest settings.
#5arleasPosted 3/21/2009 8:04:38 AM

Go there, read it, do it.
#6youngoliPosted 3/21/2009 9:33:43 AM
Go with arleas' idea if you don't want to spend any money, but if you can a new graphics card can be pretty useful, especially if you plan on playing other PC games.
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#7GR4ND_STR4NDED(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2009 9:40:42 AM
Since everyone seems to say that a new graphics card would be the best bet, what are some good, inexpensive ones?
#8DevilMage2112Posted 3/21/2009 9:58:34 AM
well it depends on your system, first you have to find out what type or types of graphic cards your computer can run. I know I bought a new graphics card a while ago and couldnt use it, not because it was the wrong type, but because my computer (an HP slimline) is so small the low profile card I bought wouldnt fit. So theres a lot of things to consider, I would suggest go to an electronics store (ie. Best Buy, Staples, ect) and ask for help. Trust me you dont wanna go out and buy one like I did to only have it sitting on your desk because you couldnt return it....

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#9GR4ND_STR4NDED(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2009 10:02:18 AM
^That sucks

So would i have to buy a card made for laptops (I have a dell inspiron 1525), or can i find the info for what size card i need somewhere?
#10DevilMage2112Posted 3/21/2009 10:29:16 AM
Well I dont know much about labtops to be honest but I would go to Dells website and get the exact specs of your computer.

I think Ive found your labtop.

That link should help. Have it analyze your system and see what it says.