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Team Fortress Tips - A guide for new players (updated!)

#21vegetta4Posted 6/25/2011 4:57:20 PMmessage detail
IceMage20 posted...
From: vegetta4 | #018
Any tips on how to configure a x-box 360 controller?
Yeah, here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Don't.

This thread is intended to help new players. My question/concern maybe the same question another user has. The ability to use something they are familiar with. You are entitled to you own opinion. However, you are being counter productive in a thread intended to help new players.
#22IceMage20(Topic Creator)Posted 6/25/2011 4:59:30 PMmessage detail
I'm helping new players by telling them they will be better off in the long run if they learn how to use the keyboard and mouse.

If you're really dead-set on handicapping yourself, though, I'm fairly certain that you just have to open the console and type in a command or two and you'll be able to use a 360 pad. The wiki may have more details.
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#23VortexContinuumPosted 6/25/2011 6:00:41 PMmessage detail
You really don't want to use the controller though. It was awkward for me at first as well but there is really no contest. Just use the mouse and keyboard, unless you are using wacky equipment like a single function mouse or something.
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#24DarkspineZeroPosted 6/25/2011 6:49:59 PMmessage detail
Hightower and Pipeline aren't the only official payload race maps, there's also Nightfall.
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#25IceMage20(Topic Creator)Posted 6/25/2011 7:52:06 PMmessage detail
Nightfall? Must have missed that one. I don't think I've even played on it yet.
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#26Mysticman89Posted 6/25/2011 8:29:50 PMmessage detail
"A: In short: No. In long: Unlocks are not upgrades; they are (or at least, try to be) sidegrades. Some are straight upgrades, some are complete downgrades, but most are honest sidegrades"

What are examples of ones that are straight upgrades?
#27IceMage20(Topic Creator)Posted 6/25/2011 8:37:33 PMmessage detail
Off the top of my head:

Ubersaw (massive uber gains >>>> slightly faster swing speed)
Equalizer (far more useful than the shovel)
Axtinguisher (Puff-n-Sting is a core Pyro mechanic now)
Degreaser (aids in the Puff-n-Sting, losing out on some burn damage is worth it)
Tomislav (though I haven't used it myself, it seems pretty OP - in fact it may wind up being nerfed)
Jarate (infinitely more useful than the SMG, and the Razorback/Danger Shield are pretty much useless)
Bushwacka (with Jarate)
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#28voldothegr8Posted 6/26/2011 3:41:08 PMmessage detail(edited)
I can't get the walkway map to work. I followed the instructions and when I type it in I get a message saying:

PENDING: (fs) tr_walkway_rc2.bsp

Any help?

Edit: nvm, figured it out. I had to go through custom server option instead of using the console.

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#29biolizardfanPosted 6/27/2011 9:45:34 AMmessage detail
#30ShaidonPosted 6/28/2011 2:00:57 PMmessage detail
I don't know how to install that map too.
On the readme says
Copy the tf folder from this rar into
but there is no folder on the rar. Just 2 txts, botmaxconfig.cfg, tr_walkway_rc2.bsp.

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What <YOURSTEAMID>? Where I find that?
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