Heavy teaches engie how to make sandviches

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5 years ago#1

ohhhhhhhh yeah (and i didnt make it, just sharing it with you guys)

inb4 haters
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5 years ago#2
So thats whats in the sandvich...
Hey! I've hit 1st prestige in MW2 so I know a thing or two about strategy!
5 years ago#3
http://i.imgur.com/5m2mJ.jpg (Friend Codes in profile)
5 years ago#4
Epic! I love the heavy because he goes om nom nom nom and he's epic for the win!
5 years ago#5
Ren & Stimpy!
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5 years ago#6
rambosnake208 posted...
Ren & Stimpy!

I thought the exact same thing.
5 years ago#7
This is actually fantastic
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5 years ago#8
Saw this on SPUF.
I love well animated stuff like this.
5 years ago#9
mlfw people realize this is based off of a MLP song
From: Paradox_much | #004
Because set bonuses were a horrible idea, with or without a hat.
5 years ago#10
HA! that is great!
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