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Custom HUDs No Longer Working

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3 years ago#1
This happen to anyone else? Got on today and no HUDs are working for me anymore. I generally use E.V.E. HUD, but also tried CommunityHUD when I found E.V.E. was not working. Both have been updated very recently, so they should not be broken due to an update. Any suggestions?
3 years ago#2
PVHUD is working fine for me. When did those HUDs update? The last TF2 update was last Friday.
3 years ago#3
E.V.E HUD did just yesterday and Community/Flame HUD did just two hours ago.
3 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure to fix custom HUDs not working after a patch/update, you just have to reinstall them. Should work with any other mods as well (custom UIs and HUDs are considered mods by this game).

Also, if you go on a server that disables mods, you have to quit and restart TF2 to get them working again.
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3 years ago#5
I was using the Franken HUD and it wouldn't display my team mates health. I removed both and went back to normal until they fix it.
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3 years ago#6
I installed PVHud and it worked. Can't say I like it more than E.V.E. Hud but I may need to use if for now. I have no idea why the others are not working for me.
3 years ago#7
FrankenHUD is fixed.
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