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clean vs. dirty

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4 years ago#1
what does clean or dirty mean? i've heard it being used when people trade.
4 years ago#2
Clean is better than dirty, and dirty's meaner than clean. Let's all lend a helping hand, cause Scout can't do it alone.
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4 years ago#3
Clean is a dropped or crafted hat
Dirty is an uncraftable/gift tagged hat
4 years ago#4
ah, thanks
4 years ago#5
"Dirty" refers to having any trait that makes it, in any way, less desirable. Untradeable items are considered dirty, but they're also untradeable, so it doesn't matter much. It's uncraftable that seems to get most people's knickers in a twist. Items bought from the store are uncraftable, meaning they can't be used as a crafting ingredient. Where this really makes a difference is for hats. A common thing to do is buy two craftable hats for less than the cost of crafting one hat through metal, and craft them together to see what pops out.
4 years ago#6
Clean generally means that it's craftable and therefore not bought from the store. Clean is worth the full value. You might have heard clean drop in reference to hats which means it wasn't crafted and therefore doesn't have a craft number. These can be more valuable for hats that are brand new, but matters less as the hat gets older. In general clean drop isn't worried about, unless the hat is currently not able to be crafted. In which case most people just say "clean".

Dirty means it can't be crafted, which significantly reduces its value. Dirty weapons are worthless except for brand new ones. I sold a dirty guillotine I got in a trade for a scrap because it didn't make sense to me for it to be worth any more than that. Unfortunately it was worth a rec, which still doesn't make sense, but oh well.
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4 years ago#7
make sure not to craft dirty weapons or hats, the resulting item(metal, hat, or weapon) will also be dirty. People most commonly do this when they craft achievement weapons which are dirty.
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