Pyro: Male or Female?

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4 years ago#1
"What is the sex of the pyro?" - The most asked question in video game history. Valve has made it clear that they are leaving it up to the gamers to decide.. or are they?

This is all evidence I have to prove what the pyro is:

Pyro is male:
Official concept art shows that Pyro was intended to be a man
In Meet the Pyro, Scout says "He's not here is he?"
In TFC, Pyro is a man
Voice actor is a man

Pyro is female:
There is the female symbol in the clouds in meet the pyro.
90% of fan art shows pyro as a woman
Pyro likes babies, flowers, and rainbows. Common things you might find in a womans room.
In Meet the Pyro, the lyrics in the background says "In a young girls heart"

Pyro is a transvestite:
In Meet the Pyro, Heavy says he fears no man, and refers to Pyro as "that thing"

That's all I have, I thought I had more. I dunnoo.
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4 years ago#2
Pyro is secretly a Touhou. Mokou to be specific.

It's a fire thingy, and if you kill it it just respawns.
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4 years ago#3
Pyro is male but everyone on this board will say female because Pyro turns them on.
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4 years ago#4
In the respawn room, there's a pink purse in a locker next to the Pyro's mask.
4 years ago#5

But no, definitely male.
4 years ago#6
It doesn't matter, whatever he/she/it was has long been removed from reality. The pyro cannot be identified by gender outside of biology, for there is not true mind to tell which it is left.
Biologically, it can be told but it cannot matter, as the pyro has no sense of self-identity when it comes to such trivialities.
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4 years ago#7
Fritz0x8 posted...
Pyro is male:
*Good, obvious and official reasons for Pyro to be a male.*

Pyro is female:
*Very small things meant to be fun to find, not to be taken seriously.*

Let's Blocking:
4 years ago#8
Pyro is/was a male until someone at valve realized that the gender thing makes people talk. If theyre smart theyll just continue keeping it a mystery with little ARG easter eggs here and there to keep people talking.
4 years ago#9
[_] Male
[_] Female
[X] Intentionally unspecified gender
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4 years ago#10
Stop posting
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